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Do You Know These Common Myths about Toll-Free Numbers?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Toll-Free numbers are an ideal way to engage with customers; bolster brand awareness; and increase profitability. With several easily accessible...Read more

Why You Should Fall for Failover and Forwarding

No matter how secure your technology seems or how top-rated your provider is, every organization is susceptible to downtime. It’s a fact that unfortunately cannot be denied. Between human errors,...Read more

Top Five Misconceptions about Number Porting

Whether you’re the provider handing over its customer or the “winning” provider gaining new business, number porting—the process of preserving a customer’s number when switching providers—is...Read more

Quiz: Is Your Toll-Free Service Right For You?

We've made sure to pump you full of Toll-Free information over the last few posts. First, we filled you in on the Top 10 Facts You Should Know About Toll-Free DIDs, and then we left off with The...Read more

3 Reasons We Love Caller ID (And You Should, Too!)

Remember when Caller ID (CNAM) first emerged onto the scene in the early 90’s? The unique feature turned the traditional calling experience on its head by providing callers with full transparency...Read more



What is SIP Trunking and How Can My Business Benefit?

At this point, many business owners have heard of SIP trunking; however, they may not fully understand what the technology entails. That means they may not know if their business can benefit from it....Read more

Are Your Technical Mishaps Leaving You Exposed?

We’ve discussed in a few of our recent posts about technical pitfalls that you should look out for while running your VoIP business. We went over the steps you should take to better prepare yourself...Read more

Top 10 Technical Pitfalls When Running a VoIP Business: Part II

We're back! Last week we brought you the first half of our "Top 10 Technical Pitfalls When Running a VoIP Business". A week later here we are with the second half of the story. In this post we'll...Read more

Improve your Business Strategy with our new “Scalable Execution” eBook

If you've read our previous eBook, “How to Build an Industry Dominating Strategy,” then you learned how to build and apply an industry dominating strategy that is properly positioned with your...Read more

Top 10 Technical Pitfalls When Running a VoIP Business: Part I

We all know that businesses never run as smoothly as we’d like them to. We try relentlessly to keep our business(es) running like a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately, every now and again there are...Read more

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Chat with Nat: Autumn's Arrival

Hello Chat with Natters! With the arrival of autumn yesterday, let that serve as your seasonal reminder that the end of the year is fast approaching. Remember when we talked about setting goals...Read more

Welcome to Our Partnership Program, 2600Hz!

Another great collaboration has been created! We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with 2600Hz, a software company which specializes in modernizing how...Read more

Chat with Nat: Only Two Weeks Remain for Toll-Free!

Welcome to another edition of Chat with Nat! We are cruising on through the month of September. This is great news for those of us whose minds are fixated upon Halloween; this is not great news for...Read more

Chat with Nat: Take a Look; It's in a Book

Happy Friday to you, Chat with Natters! Many of you had a short work week due to Labor Day's observance this past Monday--do you feel well rested? Or do you feel rushed as you had to cram five days...Read more

Chat with Nat: #ShowUsYourCause This September

Greetings and salutations! Thanks for joining us for a recap of our first week of September. There was a lot of hustle and bustle around here as we prepared for an extended weekend and shortened week...Read more