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10 Ways VoIP Resellers Save Time and Empower End Users

Posted by Jason Tapolci on September 1, 2016 at 8:46 AM
Jason Tapolci

Running a VoIP business for more than a decade has taught me that time is our most valuable asset. When I first started out, time wasn’t as big of a deal. But as my company grew, time became the obvious chokepoint. I suppose it makes sense; having fewer clients means you have fewer technical support calls, fewer billing issues, and fewer number ports. Later in my career, I learned to value my time over money. You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time. Or can you?

save_time.jpgThere is a tipping point for any VoIP reseller and this tipping point is different for all of us. I define the VoIP reseller tipping point as the moment in a company’s life when the original startup group has no discretionary time. Employees who used to perform growth-type functions such as marketing and sales, are now relegated to performing day-to-day activities. This is the tipping point. The point at which a decision must be made; do we hire more employees creating additional overhead or do we use technology and automation to remove the chokepoint?         

My company chose the latter solution.  We spent years using technology to building automation to save us time. Our plan has been to use our innovations to create a BackOffice that save my team's time, but we also built it so all of my customers could take advantage of our time-saving innovations. 

10 Ways VoIP Resellers Save Time and Empower End Users

1.   Purchase, Update & Remove DIDs
With approval, you can give your end user the ability to ability to purchase, update, and remove DIDs. We have created a DID Wizard that's even easier and more empowering for our customers to use. They can purchase DIDs in five simple steps, make all the changes they need, and store them in their own inventory.

2.   Register and Update E911
Not having E911 is simply not an option--we've talked about that many times before. You're able to provide your end users with the ability to register and update E911 services (on-net and off-net registrations) and save you both time...and costly fines.

3.   Set E911 Email Alerts
E911 alerts are crucial. If you enable your end users with the ability to Set E911 email alerts, you can be notified when there is an emergency reported with your DIDs. You will receive a message when your number is used, and you can act accordingly.

4.   Enable and Disable Caller ID
For each call that comes in, the local phone company of the person being called dips into a database (CNAM database) that matches the name registered to the caller's number. As you can imagine, this can be quite the process. To fix it you would have to call your vendor and verify that the number is correctly registered. If the number is found to be registered correctly, the receiving party would need to reach out to their provider to have this corrected. This is all considered to be Caller ID storage. Provide your end users with the ability to enable and disable Caller ID (In & Outbound), have access to that storage, and save time.

vi_site_icon_support_2015-3.png5.   Enable and Disable DID Failover & Forward Services
Your carrier should offer failover or forwarding service for DIDs so you can quickly reroute to the client's cell phone, answering service, or other location. Provide end users with the ability to enable and disable DID failover and forward services which empowers them. 

6.   Register and Update Their 411
Directory assistance is necessary for pressing questions. Giving your end users the ability to register and update their 411 listings frees you from having to make these changes, and from having to answer the "Can you update this? Can you update that?" questions.

7.   View and Manage Their Own Number Porting
The key to successful porting is partnering with the right VoIP provider. It can be a tricky process, but if you leave your end users in the hands of a provider that has a dedicated porting team, you can rest easy providing your end users with the ability to view and manage their own number porting.

8.   Create & Manage Customer Service Tickets
If your end users have an issue, who should they call? Unless you're qualified to handle technical support questions and concerns, it won't do much help to call you. Provide your end users with the ability to create and manage customer service tickets so there is no middle man (you), and problem can be solved that much quicker.

9.   View and Manage Their Usage
This is similar to contacting customer service; if they want to know how much usage the have, they should be able to monitor it without taking up your time. Simply enable your end users with the ability to view and manage their usage on their own.   

10. Easily Manage Their Account
In regards to all aspects of your end users accounts, provide them with the ability to easily manage their account. Whether that be from categorizing DIDs, E911, or endpoints, to making updates to features, to having access to reports, dashboards, or email notifications and alerts--giving your end users access greatly reduces the amount of time and resources they need from you.

I can tell you all about our End User Portal, or you can take a look for yourself. It's free for wholesale customers and only $50 per month for enterprise customers.

So what’s your next step? If you’re already a customer and would like to learn more about utilizing our End User Portal, click the orange button below. Not a customer? Treat yourself to a Free Trial and receive a $5 credit on your account. It's your opportunity to save time all while making your customers feel in control.
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