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2018 TADHack Global Recap

Posted by Natalie DeCario on October 15, 2018 at 12:30 PM
Natalie DeCario

Today we're wrapping up the 2018 TADHack Global Hackathon! Congrats to the organizers, our co-sponsor, and the participants for making this another successful hackathon. There were over 3,000 participants and through their hard work over the weekend the teams were able to complete over 100 hacks. 

TADHack VI Header ImageThe teams built solutions that ranged from a smart motorcycle rider airbag and jacket, to an encrypted prescription service, to an SMS notification system that monitors humidity, temperature, movement, and noise. Though all of the hacks were unique and well designed, there could only be a few winners. 

We chose Global Winners as well as Location Winners for South Florida. Our decision was based on the creativity, innovation, and real world application of their solutions. We're proud to say that these services were all built using our Apidaze communications APIs. Be sure to check the links to watch the pitch videos for each solution.

South Florida Location Winners

  1. Vehicle Safe (15:55) - Get notified and easily check if a child, pet or valuables are left accidentally in your car. You can also find out the status of your car's location, temperature, and condition by viewing an MMS picture on your phone. - $800 prize

  2. Bank Transactions VoIP (First video) - Access bank transactions through an IVR. - $200 prize


Global Winners

  1. Voice Accessibility (Melbourne) -  An app aimed at helping people share My Health Record access and permissions to end users with a particular focus on assisting the elderly in getting and sharing access to their data. - $900 prize

  2. Timecha.in (Berlin)- Timecha.in is a global platform enabling knowledge exchange based on blockchain technology. We aim to diversify, innovate, and upgrade work agreements using blockchain and telecoms. They specifically utilized Apidaze calls and video conferencing - $500 prize

  3. SySafe (Chicago, 7:20) - Helping parents better monitor their kids. Kids can press a button that alerts parents when their in danger. Parents can set boundaries and will be notified if the child leaves the set parameters. Parents can also set alarms for when the child needs to be home and will get notified if they’re not home by that time. They used VoIP Innovations' telco, SMS, and Apidaze Rest APIs. - $400 prize

  4. Penguin$ Gavel.Io (New Zealand) - A decentralized bidding platform utilizing live video/chat stream and Ethereum blockchain. - $200 prize



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