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3 Reasons Our New VoIP Fraud Detection Service is a Game Changer

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on May 4, 2015 at 11:08 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Do you remember that series of VoIP fraud articles we shared with you a few months ago? We began with What is VoIP Fraud and continued with 6 Common Ways to Suffer a VoIP Attack, Top 10 Ways to Prevent VoIP Fraud Attacks, and then ended with Top 8 Ways to Reduce VoIP Fraud Damage. Only that wasn’t the end.

We set out to bring the topic of fraud to the forefront of your mind to not only show you the extreme importance of it, but get you prepped for something epic we had coming your way. Today, we now have available the VoIP Innovations’ Fraud Detection Service and it will provide a way for VoIP resellers, ITSPs, and Enterprise customers to monitor and analyze your traffic patterns in near real-time looking for fraudulent activity. There are more, but we’ll start you with three reasons our new VoIP Fraud Detection Service is a game changer.

VoIP_Fraud_Detection_Service_..._VoIP_InnovationsKnowing that one of the most common problems for a new VoIP provider is the issue of VoIP fraud, we have developed a Fraud Detection tool that analyzes your traffic patterns and alerts you when something is out of the ordinary. Our software continually runs an algorithm which processes and analyses CDRs. Looking in near real-time for traffic pattern anomalies, when an anomaly is detected an alert is sent to you via email and/or text message, giving you the ability to minimize the financial damage you incur.

Our new service really is a game changer. Take a look at the three reasons below and see why:


♦ Have your traffic patterns monitored 24x7x365
♦ Identify network breaches sooner and minimize your financial loss
♦ Analyze your International origination and termination
♦ Analyze your local origination and domestic termination
♦ Analyze your toll-free origination and termination


♦ Customizable Fraud Detection dashboard
♦ View minutes per endpoint, IP source, customer, country state or jurisdiction
♦ View and manage invalid CDRs
♦ View the top IP addresses with traffic


♦ Get notified by email and/or SMS messaging when abnormalities are detected
♦ Customize notification by alert type
♦ Set multiple severity notification thresholds
♦ Set notifications by endpoint, jurisdiction and IP source

This is sounding amazing, isn’t it? No more restless nights wondering if a fraudster is about to take away your livelihood you worked so hard to build. Our system is working on it for you around the clock. Now, by default, our Fraud Detection Service is not enabled on accounts. But guess what? Every VoIP Innovations’ customer is eligible for a free one month trial (up to 5,000 minutes worth of CDRs) of the service. After your free trial, if you’re interested in keeping this service (and of course you will be once you try it!) you would need to sign up for one of our packages. The packages are based on minutes of CDRs running through the system and are as follows:

♦ Up to 50,000 Minutes at $50/month
♦ Up to 250,000 Minutes at $100/month
♦ Up to 500,000 Minutes at $150/month
Overage: $0.0005/minute (for example, if 51,000 minutes are used on the first package, the overage charge would be $.50)

Check this new feature out today and see for yourself!
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