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4 Advantages of Implementing IP Video Management into Your Business

Posted by Natalie DeCario on September 16, 2014 at 2:36 PM
Natalie DeCario

When it comes to protecting your business, many owners should at least consider the basics for security. In the United States alone, more than 50% of employers utilize some form of surveillance equipment for their employees as well as for other operations in the workplace. Users of this type of video technology cite everything from loss prevention to improving time management as rewards for implementing these monitoring systems. However, there are plenty of other advantages that come with implementing IP video technology within a business.

So what is the best way to take advantage of this powerful visual tool for yours?

 Top 4 Advantages of Implementing IP Video Management into Your Business

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Obviously for use in a retail setting, deployment of a video management system at POS sites has some great rewards to offer:

  •      Catching and preventing fraud and theft
  •      Monitoring transactions such as returns and exchanges
  •      Link other transactions with corresponding video

This is also an effective tool for people management as the video provides clarity and visual evidence for any questionable situation. No more “he said, she said” when we can now clearly see exactly what transpired.


Recording video footage at entry points and other doors allows visual control for people passing through sensitive areas in your facility. Even with the use of scanned security cards, there are “tailgaters” who can trail an employee and gain entry into an unauthorized area after the leader swipes their card.


Video monitoring is a way to manage some unexpected aspects of your business.

  •      Energy Savings - Motion detection systems in video systems can trigger lighting, heating and cooling systems to turn off when an area is vacant
  •      Equipment Failure - Alarms can also trigger video systems when equipment fails and send alerts to the proper staff with video footage.
  •      Fire Alarms - The same is true for fire alarms sending a message to the authorities


When something goes awry, sometimes it can go terribly wrong, ending with the possibility of tragic results. Injuries, accidents, even hazardous spills, these events can often cost a great deal of time and money not to mention the valuable well being of our employees.

Reviewing the video surveillance from the aftermath of a negative event can have positive results for the future. Often with a slip-and-fall, the injured party can’t recall how or why the accident happened. When you trip over something, you didn’t see it in the first place which is what caused you to fall.

Now we can clearly see exactly what transpired and can make the appropriate changes to prevent similar events from happening in the future.

 Top 4 Advantages of Implementing IP Video Management into Your Business2

Image Source: ShutterStock.com

Other technology

Businesses are also using a similar surveillance system called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). If you have ever put an ID chip into your pet or paid a bridge toll using EZPass, then you are already using this technology.

Affordable technology

Similar to cloud technology, video surveillance was once reserved only for highly paid technicians tucked away in giant server rooms. Now it is available to anyone with an internet connection and computer or any other appropriate device, like a smartphone. 

While expense was once a big issue with this in the past, these systems are more affordable than ever. You can purchase them very inexpensively from either your local electronics dealer or from an online vendor.

Just like other technologies and electronics, what was once unaffordable costing thousands of dollars, now can be worked into a budget for just hundreds. They are even available at “box stores” and popular membership outlets like Costco.

Now you have no excuse to ignore the benefits of implementing an IP Video Management system for your business. 

Author Bio: Dave Landry Jr. is an entrepreneur, online journalist, and personal finance counselor. He has a strong passion for technology, and enjoys researching how it affects communications around the world. His writing also covers business communications, VoIP and virtual technology, marketing, and globalization.

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