4 Ways to Innovate with WebRTC

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on March 5, 2018 at 2:48 PM

Imagine a world where literally any communications solution is possible. That’s the promise of WebRTC, which allows real-time communications to be embedded directly into applications and services. The market is expected to grow from roughly $1 billion in 2017 to $6.49 billion by 2022, representing one of the greatest compound annual growth rates in recent tech history.

4 Ways to Innovate with WebRTCSo, what does this mean exactly? Imagine a Sales Manager being able to embed a click-to-call feature directly into his team’s sales application to quickly initiate voice sessions with customers, prospects and colleagues. Imagine how much faster certain processes would be thanks to this real-time communications functionality (for example, 66% of managers believe purchase orders are too time consuming).

Or, consider a Marketing Director being able to embed video conferencing into the application her team uses to collaborate. Whatever the solution, this integration can enable the team to visualize on-the-fly as needed—regardless of time, location or device.

But what if these two departments want to talk to each other? Sales is using one platform, while marketing another. WebRTC enables real-time communications right within the browser so that anyone, anywhere can communicate as needed—regardless of solution. IT (or anyone, for that matter) can develop two-way video, voice, chat, screen sharing, and more directly in the browser. Consider the time and cost savings of WebRTC-enabled browser communications in the contact center, where calls can simply be routed to agents’ browsers instead of a physical phone line.

Speaking of the contact center, there are several unique ways WebRTC can support this business unit. Consider Amazon’s MayDay button, which allowed the company to embed custom, real-time communication capabilities—like live video chat and screen sharing—directly into the Kindle Fire tablet so that sessions could be initiated immediately with agents.

Interested in more? Check out this blog on how to use WebRTC to make browser-to-browser calls. If you want to dive deeper into new ideas for your business, let us help. Schedule a call today!

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