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5 Classic, Off-the-Shelf Communication Services to Start Using Today

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on March 14, 2018 at 12:02 PM

Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) has knocked down the door of possibilities for creation, but what if you’re stuck on ideas? Consider these five classic starters for driving business:

  • 5 Classic, Off-the-Shelf Communication Services to Start Using TodayOff-net SMS: Imagine being able to add SMS to all of your numbers, no matter where they live. Our service, for example, allows you to add SMS with the choice of several delivery options like API POST/GET, email, SIP or forwarding the SMS to another number.
  • Fax-to-email: There are nearly 50 million fax machines still in use worldwide, sending around 17 billion faxes each year. Fax is still very much prevalent today, especially in highly-regulated industries like healthcare and finance. Fax-to-email allows you to receive incoming faxes in the form of an email when one of your numbers is called or faxed.
  • Email-to-fax: Perhaps your No. 1 client still goes old-school. You might be off-site and it’s your only option. Maybe you simply prefer it. Whichever way you slice it, people still need to receive faxes. Email-to-fax allows you to take a file on your computer (like a PDF) and convert it to a fax that can be sent to any phone number that is configured to receive faxes.
  • Call conferencing: At this point, call conferencing is an enterprise communications staple. Enable call conferencing on your numbers with simple, easy setup.
  • Call forwarding: In an age of instant gratification, customers are frustrated by someone taking too long to answer their call—let alone miss it. Call forwarding allows you to take control by choosing which numbers you want forwarded, which number you want them forwarded to, and when you want them forwarded.

Here’s the best part: instead of having to build your own communication services using a programmable service, you can use these services off-the-shelf from VoIP Innovations. Immediately implement and start benefiting right away. See what other services you can use by visiting our showroom.


Interested in learning more about what CPaaS can do for your business? Download our Definitive Guide today!

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