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5 Common Misconceptions About Telecommunications

Posted by Ben Stegner on September 24, 2014 at 2:31 PM

Have you been considering a switch to VoIP for your business, but don't see the benefits in doing so? Or perhaps you have an image of what telecommunications is in your head and can't seem to get over it. If you fit into either of these descriptions, you've come to the right blog post! Let's look at some common myths and clear up the truth about VoIP and what it's all about.

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VoIP Offers Poor Voice Quality

Did you know that VoIP itself is not responsible for the quality of your calls, but rather the hardware of the system running it and its allocated bandwidth? If the hardware you possess is strong enough and can spare the resources, call quality will be excellent! Planning for the future is clearly key.

VoIP Is Confusing To Install

We all hate setting up a new system, but a VoIP setup is surprisingly easy. Since it connects right into your computer modem or router, you simply need to make sure that your new system is paired correctly with your existing Internet connection. Beyond that, systems are typically preconfigured to be ready from the get-go, which means faster up-time!

wrong.jpgsmallOnly Large Businesses Can Benefit From VoIP

Even if you only have a few users, upgrading to VoIP will be beneficial. You don't have to be covering thousands of users to make use of the service, and thanks to recent advances, you can get great, all-inclusive VoIP service for a flat monthly fee!

Future Upgrades Will Be Expensive

In relation to the last point, VoIP systems are easily scalable; whether you're the smallest of businesses or a multi-national corporation, you'll find a configuration that works for you. Should you increase in size, you'll be able to update your system with a relatively little out-of-pocket cost to you.

VoIP And Skype Are The Same Service

This is a common mistake in thinking, since Skype has become a household name for making video calls over the Internet. However, consider the point made in the last myth — Skype is totally free for anybody to use, so it can't guarantee any level of quality. If Skype has issues, you can't demand a refund, because the service doesn't cost anything. Enterprise-level communications demand more than just Skype, of course, and upgrading to telecommunications is wholly different from the casual Skype.

Myths Dispelled

Hopefully, now you can see a few reasons why VoIP is different from what you've heard. VoIP is truly an exciting technology with many benefits, and it is unfortunate that its public image is shrouded in confusion and misconception.

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Ben's Bio: Ben is a college student who loves technology, especially helping others make the best of it. Currently, he's a Staff Writer at MakeUseOf, where he covers all sorts of useful apps, websites, and software in an easy-to-understand format. When he's not freelance writing, he loves to play video games and even runs a podcast devoted to just that.


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