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5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your DIDs

Posted by Lea Chrisman on August 13, 2015 at 1:06 PM
Lea Chrisman

So you have "x" number of customers and "x" number of DIDs (this isn't an algebra lesson, I promise); are those "x" number of customers happy with their "x" number of DIDs? Customer satisfaction is the #1 rule of business, and in the business of VoIP, you keep your end users happy by equipping them with the latest VoIP technology and features.

DIDs + Features + Add-Ons = Happy Customers.

Sorry, I know I said no algebra. 

What if you could make your customers happier? Well, we've come up with a list of things you could be issuing to your customers, and when I say "could be", I mean "should be." You don't want to be selling DIDs to your customers without offering these add-ons... you'll look like you're operating out of the 19th century. Do yourself (and your customers) favor--ponder these 5 questions about possible add-ons:

1.  Do you have E911?5-signs-you-need-to-upgrade-your-dids

  • Did you know it’s against the law to not offer E911 to your end users? Yep. Illegal.
  • E911 Rogue fees are very expensive!
    • You don't want to cost yourself these unnecessary payments.
  • E911 is a service you can generate revenue with.
**How-to provision E911

2. Do you have DID Failover?

  • VoIP service depends on the Internet... if the Internet is down, so is your phone service. Your end users' calls will failover to another number in this case.
  • Are you tired of getting blamed for your end users' technical issues? Failover is the easy-fix.    
  • You can charge extra for this service - which means another revenue stream for you.
  • Failover makes your service more sticky by providing a service your competitor(s) may not offer.
**How-to provision DID failover

3.  Do you have CNAM (Caller ID)?

  • Provide your end users with a complete product set by offering inbound and outbound CNAM.
  • Caller ID is something most end users want and is considered to be a must when selling DIDs.
  • Increase your revenue even more by charging additional monthly fees to use this service.
**How-to enable/disable CNAM (Caller ID) dips

vintage-communication-dialer-telephone4.  Do you have DID Forwards?

  • Forwards allow your end users to "forward" their calls to another number to provide them with more freedom.
  • Forwarding is a service you can charge additional fees to also, and it makes your product offering more sticky.
**How-to provision call forwarding

5.  Do you have Fax-to-Email?

  • Provide your end users with the ability to receive faxes through their email.
  • You can charge a monthly MRC (monthly recurring charge) for this service... more revenue!

**How-to enable fax-to-email

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, it may be time for you to upgrade your DID add-ons. Offering these add-ons will not only benefit your customers, but you too, making multiple new sources of revenue.

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