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6 Easy, Profitable Voice Integration Ideas

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on February 28, 2018 at 11:47 AM

In today’s digital era, we hear so much about the evolution of communications beyond voice. While it’s true that communication has matured through the years—hundreds of millions of texts, live chats and social interactions now occur each day—voice isn’t out of the picture yet. If you ask us, it never will be.

6 Easy, Profitable Voice Integration Ideas Consider the emergence of voice-enabled AI assistants like Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Echo: last year, 50 of these devices were shipped every minute. Or, consider industries like financial services: 84% of customers still want access to a live person to discuss their banking needs, and expect to need the same five years from now.

Voice remains prevalent for driving positive business and customer outcomes, and that makes these six services worth considering:

  • IVR: 67% of customers prefer this form of self-service over speaking to a live agent.
  • Call automation: optimize resources and maximize efficiency by making more calls.
  • Call tracking: 65% of businesses consider phone calls to be their highest quality lead source. Track calls to determine how your lead-gen efforts are working.
  • Voice recording: Record your calls with enterprise-grade quality for clear, articulate playback.
  • Play media: Play your audio files in real-time.
  • Text-to-speech: Convert written text into speech to improve training, eLearning and other key processes.

Now, imagine if all you needed was a Web server to add real-time voice to your favorite applications; no need for carrier engagement, no hidden costs, and no knowledge of complex phone systems required. Our CPaaS solution allows businesses to start developing within their VoIP, Web and mobile services without any CapEx or contracts. This means you can integrate voice, video, chat and more directly into the applications and services you use every day.

Check out this blog to learn more about building custom services that deliver greater value and revenue potential. To talk more about how we can help grow your company with CPaaS, give us a call!

Contact VoIP Innovations today to learn more about how you can create more with Voice, WebRTC, Video, and SMS.

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