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A Back Office That’s Worth Its Weight in Gold

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on March 16, 2017 at 8:59 AM

It’s no secret that back office operations are a struggle for most companies. Across practically every sector, it’s a challenge to handle various back office tasks in a way that increases visibility and efficiency. Trying to optimize these processes becomes only more challenging for companies that are looking to considerably grow or digitize.

Businesses shouldn’t feel lucky to have back office efficiency; rather, it should be a guarantee. Companies shouldn’t feel they must chase down the end of a rainbow in hopes of striking gold; rather, they should be able to easily deploy a back office solution that’s worth its weight in gold.

Here’s why we believe our Titanium III BackOffice solution is innovative enough to support businesses’ priority goals now and in the future:


  • Choose your Carrier: Immediate access to dozens of industry-leading carriers allows you to avoid the headache of maintaining multiple separate agreements. Meanwhile, a performance ranking system ensures you’ll find only the most reputable carriers for your business.
  • Automate your inventory: Set rules to automatically reorder DIDs; easily search and purchase numbers via a robust number warehouse; and customize your DIDs with the ability to add or remove features in real-time. Best of all, eliminate your inventory carrying costs.
  • Manage your customers: Organize like services (i.e. DID, E911, Endpoints) into groups; assign customer-specific groups to a client to create a 360-degree customer view; analyze individual customer costs, usage, services, other key metrics…and so much more!
  • Have complete control over costs: Real-time performance metrics via a customizable widget dashboard. A suite of advanced operational tools. Real-time financial reporting. A flexible email notification system. These are just a few of many ways our BackOffice supports cost autonomy.

While it’s good to have luck on your side, there are other times when you can’t take the risk. The goal of the VoIP Innovations BackOffice solution is to enable you to realize the full potential of your business with complete choice, automation, and control over your VoIP services. Click here to access our rate simulator, which shows exactly how much you could save as a VI customer and in what areas cost savings are maximized.

Would you like more savings? Our Toll-Free DIDs are only 25¢ now! Click the orange button below and find out more information.
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