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A Look Inside the Mind of a VoIP Fraud Hacker

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on November 15, 2016 at 9:16 AM

When you think “hacker,” you may think about individuals like those behind the infamous DNC email leak this summer in light of the 2016 presidential campaign. Or, you may recall the hackers who were behind the massive attacks on Internet performance company Dyn. To business leaders, however, hackers come in all shapes and sizes—including VoIP fraud hackers.

VoIP fraud— the unauthorized use of paid communication services—happens every day to unsuspecting businesses, and it costs them big. A Georgia-based architecture firm, for instance, accumulated a $166,000 bill in just one weekend back in 2014 as a result of fraudulent calls. The calls were being made by hackers, who were then charging the business.


When we think of hacking we think of financial loss, reputational damage and (potentially) lengthy steps to recovery…but how does a hacker view the situation? Here’s what we believe hackers are thinking:

“Please don’t have a strong password.”

Given today’s increasingly sophisticated hacking methods, even passwords that seem to have strong protection characteristics (lengthy, combination of capital letters, numbers and symbols) can be ineffective. This article by cyber security firm LMG breaks down how hackers expertly crack passwords today.

“Or a good VoIP fraud detection service.”

If a company doesn’t have a top-shelf VoIP fraud detection service that supports users with such capabilities as 24x7 traffic monitoring or reporting on minutes per endpoint, IP source, customer, etc., the better.

“And especially not real-time notifications.”

Without any way for companies to know of a VoIP fraud hack in real-time (or near real-time), hackers can essentially get away with it—or at the very least cause as much damage as possible.

A good way to prevent hacks (or any type of hack) is to get inside the mind of the attacker him or herself. Know the hacker’s intentions, strategies and, perhaps most importantly, what the attackers hope you won’t do to protect yourself.

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