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APIs: Interconnectivity through Interfaces

Posted by Josiah Hritsko on July 14, 2016 at 2:00 PM
Josiah Hritsko

Customers expect to have a seamless experience when browsing a company website. Today, online tools can make your website as smooth as it should be. One of the best tools that companies use to aid in this task is called an API, or Application Programming Interface. This is a means of doing tasks through a set of functions on a computer. Essentially, this is a way that online programs connect and communicate with each other. Without these interfaces, interacting with websites would be nearly impossible.


APIs.jpgOne way to make life less complicated for your customers is to use APIs. They exist for information to get from one place to another through a communicative language. Every application (Facebook, Twitter, Google) has its own distinct language, and the APIs act as a middleman to allow computer programmers to connect with and access each website. To better understand this, imagine that the programmer is speaking one language and the application is speaking another language. The interface then acts like the “language translator” for each party so that they can comprehend what the other is saying. The programmer is then permitted to have certain access to the application. Once access is granted, the interface can make navigating the company website easier for customers and the company.

Interconnecting through InterfacesAccess to unique programming languages can be used for completing different functions. One popular way companies use APIs is for obtaining other website’s programming and info for their own website. Look at a ticketing website for example: a programmer wants to pull together all ticket offers within a certain area onto one website. In order to sell all of the different offers on his site, he will need to gain access to all of the individual ticketing application programming so that he can compile them. As we discussed earlier, the APIs work as the middleman to accomplish this task. The programmer can then understand the other site’s languages and can build the company website. When completed, customers will be able to access all of the tickets without ever leaving the website. This leads to a successful end user experience by quickly getting customers where they need to be and what they need to know in an easy manner. 

Connecting to other websites without APIs would be impractical and impossible. But, the interconnectivity through interfaces allows access to necessary programs. In addition, they aid customers on the company website through easy functions. In a world where everything is interconnected, having programming interfaces is essential for any company that wants to succeed.



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