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BackOffice Update: Introducing Quick Links and the DID Manager

Posted by Daniel McFarland on April 5, 2016 at 9:36 AM
Daniel McFarland

Today we released a new innovative feature in our BackOffice in the form of Quick Links. The new Quick Links feature was designed to simplify navigation through the BackOffice to make the management of your services and DIDs easier than before.

Side Bar Quick Links

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you login to the BackOffice is the sidebar on the right. This sidebar will provide you with important Quick Links to help you navigate the BackOffice with ease.


With a single click, the Quick Links will allow you to order DIDs, begin a porting submission, manage DID features, view groups, and even read new blog articles! Quick Links are also customizable so you can add bookmarks to features you frequently use.

Condensed Menu Options

As you scroll across the tabs, you’ll see that we’ve cleaned up the menu options quite a bit. Most of the tabs have been condensed, and thanks to our DID Wizard and new DID Manager tool, we were able to combine many of these options for a cleaner look.

We condensed many of our tabs, but since DIDs are our bread and butter, let’s take a look at the new DID tab.

Here you’ll notice that in the updated portal, Order DIDs no longer has a pull-out menu. Instead, a single click will take you to the DID Wizard.


Manage DIDs no longer has a lengthy amount of options to choose from; instead DIDs can now be managed with our DID Manager tool by selecting “Manage DIDs (BETA)”.


DID Manager

Perhaps the greatest piece of this update is our DID Manager. Before, you would have to navigate through a string of links to manage your DIDs. To open the Manager, go to the DIDs tab, open “My DIDs” and click “Manage DIDs (BETA)”. With the Manager, you can see the inventoried DIDs you need with just a few clicks.


The DID Manager will allow you to filter your DIDs by type (Local, Toll-Free, International) and by feature. Selecting the different options will allow you to narrow in on the DIDs you need.

We hope you enjoy these new features as we continue to improve our BackOffice. If you're already a customer, login to your account and see the updates now. If you're not a customer, give our Free Trial a chance!
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