A Back Office That’s Worth Its Weight in Gold

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on Mar 16, 2017 8:59:36 AM

It’s no secret that back office operations are a struggle for most companies. Across practically every sector, it’s a challenge to handle various back office tasks in a way that increases visibility and efficiency. Trying to optimize these processes becomes only more challenging for companies that are looking to considerably grow or digitize.

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How to Update Your E911 Services

Posted by Daniel McFarland on Nov 9, 2015 10:00:00 AM

E911 just may be the most important DID feature there is. Without E911, you could be setting yourself up for some serious risks when emergency services can’t immediately respond to your 9-1-1 dial. As important as having E911 services registered to your DIDs is, you must be able to effectively manage themin real-time. Today, we’ll be going over two ways you can update your DIDs so you’re ready for any emergency that life might throw your way.

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Take Charge of Your Product: Control Your VoIP Business

Posted by Daniel McFarland on Oct 22, 2015 2:49:00 PM

"There are so many worlds, and I have not yet conquered even one."

– quote on Alexander the Great, Plutarch.

For Alexander, control was everything. Conquering all and uniting everything under one flag was his goal. Upon hearing that there were an infinite amount of worlds that existed in the universe, he wept. Although he conquered so much, there was still much to be had. In the business world, you too should keep that mindset. Be a conqueror, grow your empire, and stay in control.

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Streamlining Your VoIP Business: Automation

Posted by Daniel McFarland on Oct 20, 2015 8:36:00 AM

A college student walks into a convenience store late on a Saturday. He approaches a screen. It asks for his order all while displaying a colorful buffet of his favorite fried snacks. He touches the “fries” icon. It asks for the size. He selects bucket. With a few more taps on the screen, his order is processed and delivered just as he wanted. A bucket-sized order of chili-cheese fries with extra sour cream. The college student is pleased. The convenience of the automated machine supplied him with the chili-cheese fries he desired along with more time to eat, party, and study.

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Choose to Become a Better ITSP Business: The Power of Choice

Posted by Daniel McFarland on Oct 13, 2015 2:11:00 PM

A quick message for wholesale VoIP providers who choose carriers and features on behalf of ITSP providers:

“We the people hereby declare independence from the oppression from tyrannical wholesale providers. We demand our right of choice when accepting services from a telecom carrier. Let it be known, on this glorious day of liberation, that we shall exercise the Freedom of Choice!”  

If you’re an ITSP, you should be making the decisions. It’s your product, it’s your business, and you should have a service provider that will allow you to make your own choices in carriers and features. Today, let’s look into how Choice can improve your ITSP business.

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Getting Smart with Automated Billing

Posted by Cody M. Ferenchak on Jul 15, 2015 3:46:00 PM

So you want to get smart with your VoIP billing system, do ya? Well, your ambition has lead you to the right place! In this article we are going to discuss how to get your business running even more efficiently with the use of automation in collections and reporting. Once these practices are implemented, we promise that your internal and external transactions will be more organized and go much smoother. Get smart by learning how to better manage and report on your account receivables and invoices with the ability of reporting. Even better, all of this is at your hands with VoIP Innovations’ BackOffice!

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How VoIP Technology Can Serve as a Lifeline for Small Business

Posted by Natalie DeCario on Nov 10, 2014 11:30:00 AM

In small businesses today, we can find ourselves swimming in a rapidly moving technological river, often avoiding obstacles, struggling to move forward, and sometimes we try to swim against the current. To avoid drowning and pulling our customers down to the bottom with us, VoIP technology can serve as a vital lifeline for success.

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Customizable Widget Dashboards Are Now Available in our BackOffice

Posted by Natalie DeCario on Dec 3, 2013 1:25:30 PM

We have just introduced Customizable Widget Dashboards today! The addition of these dashboards will bring a whole new level of management to our Wholesale VoIP BackOffice platform, Titanium III. Customers have the ability to build their own unique dashboards or revert to a default preset that we have set up.

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We Now Offer the Ability to Select Services by Carrier

Posted by Natalie DeCario on Nov 5, 2013 10:20:02 AM

Since we have placed ourselves in a unique spot, we truly have a front seat view of the wholesale VoIP industry. Not only do we occupy that front seat, but we also play a large role in the direction that the industry is moving. The attitude we have toward transparency in the products we develop has been our proven key to success. Since we’ve added the ability to view and select carriers, our BackOffice platform, Titanium III, has become a tool unlike any other.

Once a customer is logged in to the BackOffice, they can view and select services such as DIDs, origination or termination, from a list of the industry’s top carriers. The control is completely in the customers hands when it comes to using or not using a specific carrier.

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We're Announcing our Plans for VoIP Innovations University

Posted by Natalie DeCario on Sep 12, 2013 8:34:26 AM

Our customers will soon receive the unique advantage of gaining access to a wide variety of VoIP related information through our VoIP Innovations University (VIU). Those interested in VIU will find it in the our awesome BackOffice. The exact location of VIU is still to be determined. Our plans for VIU are that it becomes the central hub for all training videos, white papers, Wiki articles, press releases, blog posts, and guest blogs that were published by us and others in the industry. There will also be a section dedicated to industry info where customers will find resources from websites such as VoIPFraud.net, WhichVoIP.com, and VoIPInfo.org.

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