5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your DIDs

Posted by Lea Chrisman on Aug 13, 2015 1:06:40 PM

So you have "x" number of customers and "x" number of DIDs (this isn't an algebra lesson, I promise); are those "x" number of customers happy with their "x" number of DIDs? Customer satisfaction is the #1 rule of business, and in the business of VoIP, you keep your end users happy by equipping them with the latest VoIP technology and features.

DIDs + Features + Add-Ons = Happy Customers.

Sorry, I know I said no algebra. 

What if you could make your customers happier? Well, we've come up with a list of things you could be issuing to your customers, and when I say "could be", I mean "should be." You don't want to be selling DIDs to your customers without offering these add-ons... you'll look like you're operating out of the 19th century. Do yourself (and your customers) favor--ponder these 5 questions about possible add-ons:

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