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MSPs: Three Ways to Make Every Minute More Profitable

Did you know that roughly 10 percent of all VARs (Value Added Resellers) move into the MSP (Managed Service Provider) market, but only 10 percent of those companies generate enough revenue to be...Read more

Five Ways MSPs Can Save Time (and the One Solution that Does It All)

Businesses that use cloud hosted services enjoy a number of competitive benefits: nearly 85 percent have saved money by doing so, 20 percent are able to recover from a site disaster in under four...Read more

From VAR to an MSP: It’s Time for a Change

Are you a Value-Added Reseller (VAR)? If you are, then you are also well versed in the technical difficulties your business to business customers encounter every day. But think about it—if you’re...Read more

VARs vs. MSPs: Everything You Need to Know

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of Value Added Resellers (VARs) and even more Managed Service Providers (MSPs) competing for marketing share. Chances are, you know what a VAR is. These...Read more

A Short and Sweet Overview of APIs

In an earlier blog, we discussed the importance of inter interconnectivity in today’s evolving world. In that blog, however, we didn’t touch on one key part of ensuring next-level connectivity:...Read more



What is SIP Trunking and How Can My Business Benefit?

At this point, many business owners have heard of SIP trunking; however, they may not fully understand what the technology entails. That means they may not know if their business can benefit from it....Read more

Are Your Technical Mishaps Leaving You Exposed?

We’ve discussed in a few of our recent posts about technical pitfalls that you should look out for while running your VoIP business. We went over the steps you should take to better prepare yourself...Read more

Top 10 Technical Pitfalls When Running a VoIP Business: Part II

We're back! Last week we brought you the first half of our "Top 10 Technical Pitfalls When Running a VoIP Business". A week later here we are with the second half of the story. In this post we'll...Read more

Improve your Business Strategy with our new “Scalable Execution” eBook

If you've read our previous eBook, “How to Build an Industry Dominating Strategy,” then you learned how to build and apply an industry dominating strategy that is properly positioned with your...Read more

Top 10 Technical Pitfalls When Running a VoIP Business: Part I

We all know that businesses never run as smoothly as we’d like them to. We try relentlessly to keep our business(es) running like a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately, every now and again there are...Read more

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Chat with Nat: The Extended DID Inventory is Here!

Happy Friday to you! We're happy to see you back here for another recap this week and we hope you had a wonderful weekend. Around here, we’ve had a busy, post-holiday week as we released...Read more

Introducing an Extended DID Inventory!

We are introducing hundreds of thousands of DIDs within our extended inventory! Haven’t been able to purchase that number you’ve been looking for? Don’t be sad; we’re now able to open the...Read more

Chat with Nat: Whitepaper and Whatnot

Hoppy Friday, everyone! Thanks for checking in with us on this week's Chat with Nat. As we promised last Friday, this week we were delivering something educational to your inboxes--and we did. So,...Read more

Chat with Nat: VARs and MSPs

Hello Chat with Natters! Welcome to another edition. We’ll keep this Chat short as we’re busy putting the final touches on something educational for all of you! We’re aiming to debut it for you next...Read more

Chat with Nat: Bowling You Over with Toll-Free DIDs!

Hello everyone! We've made it through the marvelous month of March and are about to cruise into what will surely be an awesome April. But you know what that means...if you happen to be at work...Read more