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Call Centers: Get CPaaS in Your Corner

Posted by Natalie DeCario on August 6, 2018 at 6:00 AM
Natalie DeCario

These days, call centers have no shortage of tools to put to work to get the most out of everyday operations. From analytics platforms to chatbots and even text messaging platforms, the tools that provide call centers with great new advantages abound. One new tool that's changing the way call centers operate is Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS).

Call Centers: Get CPaaS in Your CornerWhat Can CPaaS Do for My Call Center?

Putting CPaaS tools to work in your call center can improve the customer experience on several fronts and make your call center one customers will want to work with.

Privacy protection. Customers want their privacy protected, and CPaaS tools deliver on that demand. Virtual phone numbers allow both sides of the conversation to connect using a virtual switchboard. Privacy is protected because the switchboard doesn't track either side, which will appeal to privacy-minded customers.

Smoother application integration. While there are plenty of call center applications out there, not all of them work well with a call center's current systems. Since CPaaS tools rely on application programming interfaces (APIs) for much of their structure, they're more readily integrated with other apps. This helps ensure call centers have access to the widest range of available tools.

Call center safety. There's a healthy market for CPaaS apps, but downloading these apps can be a dangerous process. The same APIs that allow for better app integration can also allow for safer app downloads through methods like two-factor authentication. This makes the download process safer, and helps prevent giving various types of malware a foothold in the system.

More reason for digital transformation. While CPaaS can work with older infrastructure in some cases, getting the most out of it requires a jump to digital transformation. This can hurt cost-wise, but it also opens up the widest range of options. Bringing in CPaaS is just one reason among many to take the digital transformation leap.

Getting Started with CPaaS in the Call Center

When you're ready to integrate CPaaS into your own operations, getting started is simple: get in touch with us at VoIP Innovations. Whether you give us a call at 877-478-6471 or send us an email at info@voipinnovations.com, we can introduce you to the wide range of CPaaS services we've got on hand to help you reshape your call center into a powerhouse. From local, toll-free and international numbers to outbound contact services like dialers and fax systems, we've got all the tools you need to make CPaaS a reality in your call center.

Contact VoIP Innovations today to learn more about how you can create more with Voice, WebRTC, Video, and SMS.


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