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Chat with Nat: 25¢ Toll-Free DID Promo Ends Today!

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on September 30, 2016 at 8:20 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Greetings and salutations, Chat with Natters! Thanks for joining us on this final day of September. The next time we come together, we'll be doing so in a brand new month and chatting about a brand new promotion for you. Actually, we'll have two special promos that kick start in October! But of course, our lips are sealed until next week. We do need to get back to putting the final touches on them, so we'll just give you a quick and easy recap of this week. Here's Chat with Nat: 25¢ Toll-Free DID Promo Ends Today! 

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Toll_Free_Myths-1.pngMany of you may think you know all about Toll-Free numbers, or at least have heard a few things about them. But how much do you know? Take a look at Do You Know These Common Myths about Toll-Free Numbers? to test your knowledge.


If you choose to not use our End User Portal, we’re quite sure there are five stages of emotions you’re going to encounter. What are they? Check out The Five Stages of Skipping the End User Portal in case you missed it.


Configuring_DIDs.pngDo you think configuring DIDs is an arduous process? It's not and we'll prove it to you in the post titled Configuring Your DIDs: It’s That Easy. Take a look at the video in there and see for yourself. 

Our Toll-Free Promotion Ends Today!

For the past few weeks we’ve told you that VoIP Innovations Is Now Offering 25¢ Toll-Free DIDs! Today is the last day to take advantage of it while it’s still available.


Thanks for taking the time to check in with us this Friday. Please be sure to click our new “Subscribe to our blog” button below so you don't miss any of next week's posts, videos, or whatever else we might send your way. Have a fantastic fall weekend and we’ll see you back here in a brand new month next week.
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