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Chat with Nat: Hard Labor Pays Off!

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on September 4, 2015 at 9:30 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Hey everyone! Welcome to Chat with Nat! September is here and before we get settled into a new month and ready to work hard, it's time to reward ourselves with a day off to honor the achievements of our work...that's right—Labor Day Weekend is upon us! And around here, we find it fitting. Hard work has gotten many of us through tough obstacles (and muddy, but we'll get to that later), enabled us to see the fruits of our labor whether through a new job or a promotion, and allowed us to create new partnerships. So do we feel guilty about that three-day that is coming? Heck no! Many of you out there have probably earned one, too! Let's get to ithere's your Chat with Nat: Hard Labor Pays Off!

In Case You Missed It

Do you ever find yourself having some problems with E911 and you just wished someone would help you solve them? Have no fear, we are here! This past Wednesday, we published the post “How to Solve the Biggest E911 Problems.” If you were getting into any sticky situations with it, this should help you! 3CX_Partnership_with_VoIP_Innovations

Yesterday, we launched a press release detailing our big news about our partnership with 3CX, a developer of the next-generation software-based PBX Phone System for Windows. We’re thrilled about this new collaboration so take a look and read all about it in case you missed it!

Movin’ On Up…

Please join us in congratulating Trichelle Barish on her promotion from Porting Coordinator to Porting Supervisor!

Trichelle_Barrish_VoIP_Innovations_Operations Manager Randy Stegner says of Trichelle, "She is a very hard worker and deserves this promotion. Essentially she's been doing this job for a while now. Trichelle will be managing the porting team and day-to-day operations." Way to go!!

You Say It’s Your Birthday?

Well then, please join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday to our two September babies!

Jessica Brown – September 1
Tim Klein – September 19

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary…

The following individuals are celebrating anniversaries with us this month and we thank them for all they contribute every day!

Cameron Nutter, 2 years – September 3
Tim Klein, 1 year – September 29
John Livingston, 5 years – September 29

Tough Mudder

A bunch of us, plus a few friends and family members, took part in the Tough Mudder on Saturday, August 29, and had an awesome time! What a way to get in some teamwork, huh?!

ABG_Capital_Tough_Mudder_2015_Pittsburgh Welcome!

Please join us in welcoming Dan McFarland to ABG Capital! Dan will be working in the Marketing Department as our new Content Specialist coming up with exciting and informative blog posts, infographics, videos, and more for you!

Dan comes to us from Wheeling, West Virginia where he recently graduated from Wheeling Jesuit University with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications.20150901_Daniel_McFarland

When he’s not at work, Dan likes to work out at the gym. He enjoys listening to music (folk and country, mostly) and is looking forward to finding fun things to do around the Pittsburgh area.

Labor Day Hours

As a reminder, we will observe Labor Day on Monday, September 7. Our Porting Department will be closed and Technical Support will have coverage for you that day from 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM EDT. Please give us a call should you need any assistance! 

Thanks for joining us for another wrap up of our week at VoIP Innovations. We will miss you dearly next week! Why? Because Natalie (the namesake of these Chat with Nats) and I will be in Boston attending the Inbound 2015 Marketing & Sales Conference. Upon our return, we’ll see you back here on the following Friday the 18th. Be sure to click the orange button below so you don't miss any awesome posts that will be coming your way!
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