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Chat with Nat: F is for February

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on February 27, 2015 at 10:00 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Happy Friday! You made it! Not only are we about to close out this week, it’s just about time to close out this month—it flew by. Yes, we know it’s the shortest, but that aside, it still went quickly. We’d like to think it’s because so much awesome was packed into February. Thank goodness we’re not in school though, because this month was full of F’s. But these are good ones—February, fun, Fridays, future, free, five (we’ll explain that last one shortly)…Get ready to settle in for this week’s post, Chat with Nat: F is for February.

In Case You Missed It

This past week we published two porting posts. The first was 10 Easy Steps for Successful Number Porting. These steps should have given you a good idea of how porting is done when it’s done right. If after reading this you’re saying to yourself, “Hey, my VoIP provider didn’t do any of that,” then it may be time to find a new one… Along those same lines, our second post of the week was titled, Quiz: Does Your VoIP Provider Pass the Number Porting Test? This was a fun experiment to determine if your current provider is up to snuff with porting. Yet again, if the score was low, it’s new provider time!

Looking ahead

To be innovators, we must always be thinking ahead to the future. In late 2014, VoIP Innovations finalized an agreement to bring on another Tier 1 toll free provider. The primary purpose of this relationship is to ensure that we have a system that can provide additional redundancy for our toll free customers. We understand that toll-free performance is extremely important to our customer base and maintaining the highest level of uptime is paramount. We feel that this addition not only makes us a stronger player in the market but guarantees that our customer base enjoys the benefit of redundancy at the carrier level. Look for us to roll out this Toll Free Redundancy this year!


If you’ve been following along, you noticed that we had a porting theme going on this month which so nicely tied in with a great promotion we are offering. What’s the promo? Thanks for asking. Currently, we’re offering 30 days of freebies. When you sign up with us, your porting fees and DID activation fees will be waived! While it’s still available, get in while the getting is good (and free!)
New Customer Freebies! And Then There Were Five


We have new member of the family! Our parent company, ABG Capital, recently launched its fifth portfolio company, My Safe Net. My Safe Net is a VPN services provider that supplies anonymous and static IP addresses that are designed to keep you private and secure online. This is fantastic, right?! Think of how often you’re watching the news and hear about a cyber security breach or predators attempting to gain access to children via the internet. Basically a day doesn’t pass without this happening. And what about while you’re traveling abroad and simply want to watch your favorite Netflix show and the country blocks the access? DENIED! My Safe Net was created with all of this and more in mind. Check it out!

That's How We Roll
ABG_Capital_Bowling_PartyLast Friday, ABG Capital had its annual company bowling party. A few of us at VoIP Innovations managed to break away to join in the fun! Some of us had amazing strike skills and some were better connecting with the gutter. But all of us had a great time bonding and bowling!

This closes out a fantastic February chatting with all of you. We’ll see you next week as we March into the next month!
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