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Chat with Nat: Friday the 13th is Your Lucky Day

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on November 13, 2015 at 9:12 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Are you superstitious? We hear it’s bad luck to miss any editions of Chat with Nat—especially on a Friday the 13th, so it’s a good thing you’ve joined us for this recap. Also, it’s black cat, broken mirror, and ladder-free, so in case you have paraskevidekatriaphobia, we wanted to let you know there’s nothing unlucky here. Oh, we do have a Jason in this post, but it’s Jason Tapolci and not Jason Voorhees. Carry on; it’s safe. Let’s get to it—here’s Chat with Nat: Friday the 13th is Your Lucky Day.

In Case You Missed It

Two super informative posts should have hit your inbox this week--IF you’re a subscriber. If not—you know what to do at the end of this post… On Monday, How to Update Your E911 Services was published. You may know by now that E911 is required, but if you have it and need to make changes and don’t know how, that’s no good. This post should answer any of your questions whether you use our BackOffice or an API. Yesterday, we covered How to Operate a Successful Telecom Business: Provisioning. Taking a closer look at provisioning as far as it relates to operating a successful telecommunications business, this post broke it down for you. In case you missed either of these, be sure to check them out!

A Meeting of the Minds

VoIP Innovations Strategic Planning Meeting 2015

Strategic Planning 2015 VoIP Innovations

Yesterday and today, we’ll be having our annual Strategic Planning Session here in our office. Members of our Sales Team from Arizona, including Nick Medina, VP of Business Development, Corey Potts, VP of Sales, and Stuart Preston, Sales Manager are here, as well as our international attendee Dean Hansen, from DTH VoIP Billing Software. Together, along with our President, Jason Tapolci and several key VoIP Innovations’ team members, they’ll be making plans for 2016.

TMC Interview

File this under ICYMI, too. Here’s a look at our Operations Manager Randy Stegner during a TMC interview with Rich Tehrani at the Anaheim ITEXPO last month. We included the link in a previous Chat with Nat, but if it happened to pass you by, it’s here for your viewing pleasure now!

Why It's Your Lucky Day...

How to Operate a Successful Telecom Business I VoIP Innovations

Free is good. But it’s especially good if it’s something that’s going to help you learn, grow, and operate your business better. So here you go—a free whitepaper on how to operate a telecom business successfully. See, Friday the 13th IS your lucky day!

Welcome, Jessica!

Jessica Sheehy I VoIP Innovations

Please join us in welcoming our new Porting Representative Jessica Sheehy!

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys practicing yoga, knitting and crocheting and loves to be among nature. She's a fan of all types of music and is currently in the process of restoring a home with her boyfriend. We're happy to have her join us!


That concludes another weekly wrap up of the VI happenings. We'll see you back here next Friday. Make sure to click the orange button below so you don't miss the posts that will be coming your way next week. And enjoy your weekend—if you have any plans to visit Camp Crystal Lake tonight, be safe out there.
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