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Chat with Nat: Get Those Umbrellas Ready, It’s Raining VoIP!

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on April 10, 2015 at 9:30 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Good morning, everyone! Thanks for taking time to visit with us today. April showers have been raining down upon us here in Pittsburgh. ‘Tis the season for stormy weather! So how about we shower you will all kinds of insightful information from this past week here at VoIP Innovations? Here’s this week’s Chat with Nat: Get Those Umbrellas Ready, It’s Raining VoIP!

In Case You Missed It

Two informative posts were sent out this week. The first, a Free Hosted Billing post, is one you definitely want to check out if you are interested in trying out our amazing service for yourself. Like dipping your toe in a rain puddle, test it out and give it a try!! The second post of the week was Part II: What Matters Most in a SIP Trunk Provider. Yup, we collaborated with Software Advice once again to bring you this thorough piece. Check it out if you missed!! Chart_1_-_Outage_Frequency_by_Type_of_PBX_System

Fraud Detection

One of the most common problems for a new VoIP provider is the issue of fraud.  One small mistake in configuring the access rules on your switch and BOOM, like a strike of lightning, the next thing you know the bill from your provider has doubled, or worse. The biggest problem is that most of the time you don’t know you’ve been hacked until it is too late. To help customers deal with this all too common threat we have developed a Fraud Detection tool that analyzes your traffic patterns and alerts you when something is out of the ordinary. We are now in the final stages of development and expect to roll out this tool to our customers very soon!

Project Porting

FYI, if you have 50 or more numbers to port, contact Project Porting. You may be able to port those numbers for as low as free! Click on this orange button below to begin!
Download the form to get started! Online Sign-ups

Remember when you had to fill out an order form to sign up with us? Well, the winds of change are blowing. Very soon, you will be able to sign up online. Look for that to come shortly!Umbrella

Singing {Happy Birthday} in the Rain

Happy Birthday to Technical Supervisor Dustin Campbell who celebrates his birthday today, April 10!

Biggest Loser Winner

Let’s get ready for some thunderous applause! Congratulations to Project Provisioning Specialist Denise Breide. She was the winner of our office Biggest Loser Contest. Over the past 12 weeks through healthy eating and exercise, Denise lost 8.99% of her body weight and took home a hefty cash prize for her efforts. Way to go, Denise!

It’s not rain; it’s sweat.
Sporty_VoIP_InnovationsSome of us at VI are off shortly so that we can go join our parent company ABG Capital for our Annual Kickball Game! This year we’re also adding volleyball, too. It’s indoors, so thankfully there’ll be no rain delays. The only puddles around us will be sweat! We’ll be sure to include some pictures next week. 

**As a side note for our customers, we'll have some of our support staff and engineers remaining at the office to make sure we keep things running smoothly for you!**

Well, we hate to rain on your parade, as you were having so much fun reading this, but it’s time to go! We’ll be back here next week to chat with you some more. Have a great weekend!
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