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Chat with Nat: Happy Valentine's Day, VoIP Lovers!

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on February 12, 2016 at 8:55 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Hello Chat with Natters! We are sweet on you. Have we told you that, lately? If not, this is the perfect time for it as Valentine's Day is this weekend. Whether you're taken, single, or not sure, you'll always have our love for being the dedicated customers, vendors, and readers you are. Without any further adieu, here is Chat with Nat: Happy Valentine's Day, VoIP Lovers!


  In Case You Missed It

Talking with Tapolci
This week, another Talking with Tapolci video came your way, in the form of this post, 4 More Strategic Tips When Selling VoIP. The more popular VoIP is becoming, the more individuals are thinking about selling VoIP services. With this in mind, our President, Jason Tapolci, lists four tips you should consider before you’re ready to go out there on your own.

Partnership Program
We’ll mention it a little bit further down the page, but we also published a post titled Welcome CDRapp, Our New Partner in Hosted Billing and Fraud Detection to announce our collaboration with CDRapp. Be sure to read all about it in case you missed it.

New Wiki Article Alert!

Thanks to Technical Support Representative Cameron Nutter, we have a new Hosted Billing Statement Template Tool Wiki Article for you. The interface of the tool has been redesigned to offer you better invoice customization and it has been divided into tabs, instead of a single page. Take a look!

  New eBook
Our new eBook, How to Build an Industry Dominating Strategy, is still hot off the presses. Have you downloaded it yet? In it, Jason gets you set up with the tools to create a business strategy that is both focused and organized. Also, we’re turning it into an audiobook soon, so be on the lookout for that!

  CDRapp Partnership

VoIP Innovations is pleased to announce that they have partnered with CDRapp, a software company which specializes in the automated gathering of call detail records and distribution to billing or tax rating software. As a new member of the VoIP Innovations’ Partnership Program, both companies will benefit from each other’s strengths for the utilization of their end-users.

Jason Tapolci said "Our partnership with CDRapp allows us to integrate with dozens of new CDR sources for our Hosted Billing and Fraud Detection services. Integrations that were previously time-consuming, costly, and frustrating can now be implemented in literally minutes. In a world where data exchange is key to every part of your business, our partnership with CDRapp makes it easy, simple, and seamless."

  DID Wizard

Have you been off to meet the DID Wizard yet? If not, what are you waiting for?! With a cleaner interface, it offers a streamlined process when ordering DIDs in multiple rate centers or tiers. It also features a faster checkout and automated ordering for your account which can be completed in just five steps. DIDs can now be configured in a systematic manner enabling features such as Caller ID, 411, E911, conference lines, fax-to-email, and more. The new Personal DID Inventory enables customers to purchase DIDs and store them as inactive until ready for use, and also includes an auto-fill feature ensuring that personal DID storage is never depleted.

  Bowling Alley Bonding

Last Friday, we gathered together with our sister companies and parent company, ABG Capital, for our annual bowling party. Held at Latitude 360 in Pittsburgh, we spent a few hours bonding, bowling, and striking up the good times with our fellow coworkers. Read all about the festivities!


Before we went bowling, we took a group picture in our new ABG Capital shirts.

Here, a Lat 360 staff member is telling us about some team building bowling activities. 


 Tech Support Supervisor Tom Cavey is winding up to bowl. Watch out, Josh!


Operations Manager Randy Stegner was trying to bowl a strike from this chair...hmmm...did he do it?

Thanks for checking in with us this week here at VoIP Innovations. We look forward to seeing you next Friday and hope you have a lovely holiday weekend! Be sure to click the orange “SUBSCRIBE” button below so you don't miss any posts or videos that will be coming next week. And remember, if you’re calling to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day, make sure you’re using VoIP.
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