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Chat with Nat: Have a Very VI Valentine’s Day!

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on February 13, 2015 at 1:04 PM
Cherie L. Steffen

Hello everyone and Happy Friday to you! And Happy Friday the 13th. And Happy Valentine’s Day (almost). While you’re deciding what you choose to celebrate today and this weekend, we’ll be here talking all things VoIP related as usual. So let’s get to it--if you have friggatriskaidekaphobia, don’t be scared—you’ll find no black cats, ladders, or hockey masks here. We bring to you a superstition-free and love-filled Chat with Nat: Have a Very VI Valentine’s Day!

Passion over Past Posts

Something you love is VoIP. Something you don’t love is paying for damages incurred due to VoIP fraud. If you missed it this week, head over to the Top 8 Ways To Reduce VoIP Fraud Damage. Be proactive now and save yourself some money so you can spend it on other things that matter to you--your business. Or chocolate, wine, and roses—whichever you prefer.

To Make You Feel Our Love…

vi_valentines_day_2015_imgThe only way we can truly express our love for you in a professional sense is to continue coming up with ways to keep you happy, save you time, and keep your costs down. Because again—you probably have copious amounts of chocolate purchases to make, right?  Here are updates on three features we have for you:

Hosted Billing

Our hosted billing software is a solution which collects, rates, taxes, and bills voice and related services. If you’re just flirting with the idea of cloud hosted billing, we have a promotion for new and existing customers who want to try out this service. If you decide that it’s more than just a crush and you want to make it official, turn it on, and get serious, you will receive a $50 credit! That’s love right there.

♥ Free Porting/No DID Activation Fees

Fees that come along with registering for a new account are the equivalent of a third wheel on a date—completely a nuisance, unwanted and interrupting an otherwise good thing. Knowing how annoying it is, we’re giving you 30 days of freebies! That’s right—your DID activation and porting fees will be waived for 30 days when you sign up with us. Feel the love.

♥ Fraud Monitoring

We’re feeling quite passionate about this one--the Fraud Detection service is a new service that allows our customers (VoIP Resellers, ITSPs and Enterprises) to monitor their traffic pattern in near real-time looking for fraudulent activity. Our software continually runs an algorithm which processes and analyses CDRs looking for traffic pattern anomalies. When an anomaly is detected an alert is sent via email and/text message. This gives our customers the ability to minimize the financial damage they incur. So, why is this important? The longer the fraudulent activity goes undetected the more financial damage is done. It is nearly impossible to stop fraud but there are many things you can do to minimize it. But you probably know this from reading our recent posts about fraud, right? No? Put down that chocolate covered strawberry and starting reading!

Do you feel all warm and fuzzy? With pink and red puffy hearts? That may be the feelings released from the chocolate. Or the wine. Either way, we hope you’re feeling appreciated and loved today and always. Have a great weekend from all of us here at VoIP Innovations and we’ll chat with you next week!

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