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Chat with Nat: Intern Takeover + BackOffice Features

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on July 24, 2015 at 9:30 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting us this on this lovely Friday. Have you ever felt as though you were having the Best Week Ever? That's how we feel about our interns this week. Sometimes millennials can get a bad rap; not so of the ones we have joining us for the summer. They're on point with whatever tasks we ask of them and are always up to the challenge. This week, we feel like they nailed it. Create a colorful and informative infographic. Done. Film a simple, yet useful, video to help others learn. Finished. We were highly impressed. Let's hope they didn't jump the shark! Forgive us if Sharknado 3 is still on the brain. We digress. Also, we have some updates in our BackOffice to tell you about! So let's get to it--here's Chat with Nat: Intern Takeover + BackOffice Features. 

In Case You Missed It

We’ve been teasing you about the fun posts that would be coming your way and this week we finally stopped stringing you along the road of anticipation! Our very first infographic debuted on Wednesday, created by our intern Cody! He was hard at work piecing together the graphics and information for How to Achieve Stress-Free VoIP Billing and he did a great job!


(Click to Enlarge)

Yesterday, it was time for some Learning with Lea & Aleah. Our lady interns put together a fun and informational video blog titled Why Worry About Automated Billing Alerts? If you missed either of these posts, check them out now!

Do you know someone who is worried about billing alerts? Be a good friend and share this video with them! Sharing is caring after all.

Toll-Free Incompletes

As you may know, all inbound calls to toll-free DIDs are expected to be answered with a SIP 200 OK. We've released a new feature that allows customers to view calls to their toll-free DIDs that did not complete with a SIP 200 OK. This can be found from the BackOffice under CDRs > Current CDRs > Toll-Free Incomplete. This should help customers find out which toll-free numbers are not completing, possibly because their equipment is rejecting the call, or responding with an error such as SIP 486 Busy Here. Previously, customers were asked to contact Billing for a list of toll-free incompletes…so we pretty much made it easier for you to find this information!

Rate Simulator

This new feature (soon to be added to the BackOffice) allows our customers to upload their existing CDRs for analysis, which will be compared against our termination rate decks. After the customers' CDRs are processed and the rates are calculated, a VI Sales representative would then contact the customer to discuss how much money we could potentially save them by using our termination service. Saving money--who doesn't like that?!

Thanks for checking out our weekly wrap up of all the VoIP Innovations' happenings. We'll see you back here next Friday. Make sure to click the orange button below so you don't miss the upcoming posts in the week ahead!
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