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Chat with Nat: Kids at Work!

Posted by Cherie Steffen on April 28, 2017 at 8:34 AM

Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of Chat with Nat. We've had a busy week around the office between holidays, events, and planning ahead for next month. Without any further delay, let's get to it. Here's Chat with Nat: Kids at Work!

In Case You Missed It

We handed over the blog to Tim Klein, a Technical Service Representative II here at VoIP Innovations. He works on the front lines assisting our customers and knows all about finding solutions. His post, Six Problem Solvers for MSPs, will help the MSPs get out of some sticky situations. In case you missed it, take a look now.

More DIDs for Everyone!

We now have an Extended DID Inventory for you! That's right; we now are giving you access to hundreds of thousands of DIDs from which to choose! And this inventory includes:

  • Access to dozens of the industry leading carriers
  • Choosing carriers based on a carrier ranking system
  • Customizable DIDs with the ability to add or remove features in real-time
  • A flexible email notification system
  • Access to hundreds of thousands of new DIDs

Get started on selecting your DIDs from behind our vault today. And if you're not already a customer of ours, click right here to sign up and experience our product offering today!

Jill of All Trades

Administration Professional Day

Since Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day, we of course honored our Office Manager Sara Warhold. She does her best to keep us in line around here. Thanks for all you do, Sara!


Kids at Play

Take your kid to work day
Yesterday was Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. The children had a fun time learning about what their parents do here. And they especially enjoyed the treats and playing in our game room! 

Helping Out

Today, a couple of us will be spending time volunteering at the Greater Washington County Food Bank on behalf of the Tapolci Foundation. We'll make sure to post a couple pictures next week!

Thanks for joining us for this week. Please be sure to click the “Subscribe to our blog” button below so you don't miss any of next week's posts or announcements that may come your way. Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll chat with you next Friday in a new month because...It's gonna be May!
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