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Chat with Nat: Mid-Year Goal Check

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on June 24, 2016 at 10:23 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Happy Friday and welcome to Chat with Nat! As we come to you with the last post of the month, we're just about officially half done with 2016! Goal check! How's business? Are you where you need to be to hit the mark in the second half of this year? Between eBooks, posts, and videos, we've been steadily stocking you with the tools and information to succeed; so let's make the rest of 2016 your best yet! And while we're at it, let's get to this week's recap. Here's Chat with Nat: Mid-Year Goal Check.

In Case You Missed It

Top_10_Technical_Pitfalls_When_Running_a_VoIP_Business_Part_II.pngThis week, we published Top 10 Technical Pitfalls When Running a VoIP Business: Part II as we continued where we left off last week. If you are new to running a VoIP business or just want to assess where you are, take a look at that post.

We also published Identifying VoIP Call Quality Issues. Have you been dealing with static, jitter, echo, etc.? Read this post and get some answers to your problems.

Also, we were featured on the Tapolci Foundation blog this week! In case you happened to miss that, take a look at Pillar Spotlight: VoIP Innovations.

Have You Read Our New eBook Yet?

ebook0516F-cover-2.jpgIn this new eBook, “Scalable Execution: Tactics for a Killer Business Strategy” by President of VoIP Innovations, Jason Tapolci, you will discover how to successfully implement and manage your company’s strategy through execution planning.

Haven’t read the first two yet? Click on the links below.

Originating Profit: Overcoming Challenges in VoIP Entrepreneurship
How to Build an Industry Dominating Strategy

Short Duration Data

As many of you are aware, VoIP Innovations is surcharged by its upstream vendors for short duration traffic sent over conversational routes. Our Terms of Service stipulate our traffic requirements in Section 13. We have had no choice but to pass these charges to those customers violating the ToS.

In an effort to assist you with managing your traffic, we have made the short duration data available to you in our BackOffice. From the Billing Tab, select the CDRs->Current CDRs and set the 'Type' as short duration. You can now view calls that are not meeting our traffic requirements and take any necessary corrective action to avoid the surcharge.

We are also working on courtesy notifications (which will be available soon) to further assist you in this matter. We strongly urge you to monitor your traffic and hope these additional tools help you.

Welcome, Ryan!

Ryan_Lambert_ABG_Capital_Senior_Network_Engineer.jpgWe have a new face around the office. Please join us in welcoming our new Senior Network Engineer, Ryan Lambert. Ryan brings with him 15 years of systems and network experience in service provider and corporate markets. He is CCNA and CCNP certified with an education in Information Technology/Information Processing. Though Ryan is technically an ABG Capital employee, he will no doubtedly be assisting us in VoIP Innovations as well. We welcome Ryan and are happy he's here!

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