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Chat with Nat: New BackOffice Feature and Other Wholesale VoIP News

Posted by Natalie DeCario on September 26, 2014 at 2:40 PM
Natalie DeCario

Transparent_VI_Tie_logoWelcome back to another weekly Chat with Nat where I get to fill you in on some great wholesale VoIP news. I want to first mention that on Monday we’ll have a brand new employee starting in our Support Department. His name is Tim Klein and we’re excited to have him start and get up to speed.

Speaking of other new things, this week we launched a Carrier Ranking System for our wholesale VoIP BackOffice. This new system is going to be great for our customers because they’ll be able to see very specific key metrics for each carrier such as their last outage or average time for port completion. They also see where that carrier ranks and they have the ability to add their own one to five start rating. For more information on the Carrier Ranking System, take a look at this blog post we published yesterday.

Up next I’d like to point out two articles that we had on the blog this week. The first one was called Getting start on Your VoIP Career Path. By now most people are aware of the benefits that are associated with VoIP services. But are you aware of what it takes to get into the business yourself? This article walks you through some of the different types of jobs and skills that are out there and how you can prepare yourself to succeed if you decide to take the VoIP path.

The second article that we featured on the blog is from a new freelance blogger that we brought on board. His name is Ben and we’re excited to have his contributions to the site! For his first article he wanted to tackle 5 Common Misconceptions About Telecommunications. He raised some great points and touched on some items that are sure to be a deterrent to new people entering the VoIP industry. You can’t always trust what you hear, but we’re giving you the facts!

Download our White Paper if you want to learn how to easily manage your Wholesale VoIP Termination services. You’ll learn more about the Research, Analyze, Test and Accountability (RATA) method we use as well as other key performance indicators that will aid you in effectively managing your Termination services. 

Wholesale Termiantion White Paper

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