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Chat with Nat: Pondering Porting

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on February 20, 2015 at 9:57 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Greetings, everyone! We hope your week was fantastic and that you were fortunate to make it through Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day the way you wanted.  Now, whether reading this with a cup of hot chocolate nearby, because it’s frigid and you’re snowed-in, or on the beach because you’ve got it like that, it’s time for our weekly VoIP Innovations recap. For your reading pleasure, it’s Chat with Nat: Pondering Porting.

In Case You Missed It

This week we published two great posts you’ll want to check out if you missed them. On Wednesday, we posted 5 Number Porting Tools Your VoIP Provider Should Be Using. This is a fantastic checklist to keep handy to see if your provider is measuring up when it comes to porting. Yesterday, the post was What Matters Most in a SIP Trunk Provider? and we discussed what SIP trunking is and the things people consider before implementing and choosing a new provider. Chat_with_Nat_Pondering_Number_Porting_Porting

Coming Soon

This week ahead, we will have two great porting posts for you! Now, you can either try to make yourself remember to come back to our blog and look for them, or simply click that big orange button at the end of the page and SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss them! On Monday, "10 Easy Steps for Successful Number Porting" will go live, and on Wednesday, we have a fun quiz for you titled, "Does Your VoIP Provider Pass the Number Porting Test?" By the end of the week, you will for sure know a lot more about number porting and if your current provider is treating you right!

Free Porting/No DID Activation Fees!

Last week, we at VI likened the fees that come along with registering for a new account to being a third wheel on a date. It’s true! So if you’re not a fan of those fees, as a reminder, right now we’re giving you 30 days of freebies! When you sign up with us, your DID activation and porting fees will be waived! But sorry, we can’t really help you with your third wheel problems.

Right up our ALLEY


Some of us at VI are off shortly so that we can go join our parent company for the ABG Capital Bowling Party! This is our first company sporting event of the year. With so many people who have talent to SPARE, this is sure to STRIKE up some fun! We’ll be sure to include some pictures next week! 

**Just as a side note for our customers, we'll have some of our support staff and engineers remaining at the office to make sure we keep things running smoothly for you!**

That’ll wrap it up for now. Again, stay tuned for those upcoming porting posts and we’ll see you back here next week!
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