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Chat with Nat: Promos and Promotions

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on October 14, 2016 at 9:04 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Greetings Chat with Natters! Welcome to another recap of our week here at VoIP Innovations. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, October was to be chock full of promotions, and we weren't kidding. Not only have we had DID promotions (one more is still on its way), but job promotions as well. Let's go ahead and chat about it--Here's Chat with Nat: Promos and Promotions.

In Case You Missed It

20161006_5G-1.jpgFirst it was 3G. Currently, it’s 4G LTE. Now, the world is preparing for a new era of wireless networking: 5G. Look for it to debut sometime around 2020. And in case you missed it, look for our post 5G: What It Means for Your Business to bring you up to speed.

20161006_Landine_Migration-1.pngDo you think you shouldn't migrate from a landline to VoIP? In this post, 3 Excuses for Not Migrating from a Landline Telephone to VoIP, we'll do our best to change your minds.



Primo Porting Promo

Last week we launched our No Porting Fees on Any DIDs Until the End of the Year! Promotion. Indeed--for the remainder of 2016, there are No Porting Fees on DIDs. From what we can see, you’ve taken quite a liking to it! Click on the link above for all of the details about it. Please note that Free Porting is only available in Tiers 25, 26, and 27.

Movin’ on Up!

20161011_MikeDichazi.jpg 20161011_TimKlein.jpg

Please join us in congratulating Mike Dichazi (left) and Tim Klein (right) on their promotions to Technical Service Representative II. In addition to TSR I duties, as TSR II's they will be handling higher level tasks involving compiling information and will also be providing guidance to Level I Techs.

Thanks for taking time to recap the week with us here at VoIP Innovations. Please be sure to click the new “Subscribe to our blog” button below so you don't miss any of next week's posts, videos, or anything else we send your way. Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see you here again next Friday.
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