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Chat with Nat: Staying in Touch With VoIP Innovations

Posted by Natalie DeCario on September 5, 2014 at 3:32 PM
Natalie DeCario

Stay connected with us!

Welcome back to another great Chat with Nat. In this week's post, I want to make sure that all of our readers know how to get a hold of us and stay connected with us online. We're always posting great information on our blog and our social media sites. Along with useful industry information, we're also posting important company information and exciting things that go on around our office. 

To get you started on connecting with VoIP Innovations I'd like to share a few of our most popular blog posts:

What's Wholesale VoIP

We have a ton of information on wholesale VoIP and we know that you, a key player in the VoIP industry, can take full advantage of our resources.

Check out the list below that pin points the ways you can stay connected with us and the hot topics of the VoIP and Telecommunications industry. 

1. Our Blog: When you visit our blog, you're not just visiting any old blog... It's full of fantastic resources to help those who are new to the world of VoIP and even those who are seasoned vets. I will throw in that if you subscribe to our blog, you'll get our posts delivered directly to your inbox! It's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. If that sounds appealing to you, and you'd like to subscribe right now, just click the button right here!

Subscribe to Our Blog!

2. Our Wiki: If you're a current customer or just someone who's shopping around for a new VoIP service provider, then the VoIP Innovations Wiki page is for you. This is the mecca of resources for all of our wholesale VoIP services and they're sure to help you out one time or another. While we do have a fantastic Support Team, we understand that some people prefer to figure things out on their own. You'll find detailed tutorials on our API, How to Provision E911, How to Enable/Disable CNam, and much MUCH more.

3. Our White Papers: Ahh, our White Papers. These details articles are full of information that is useful for people in any stage of the wholesale VoIP industry. We want our White Papers to educate people and empower them to make the best decisions for their business. Whether it's learning how to Manage DIDs or how to pick the best billing system for you, you're sure to find some very valuable information. Here is one we'd like to offer to you today on How to Successfully Operate a Telecom Business. All you have to do to get it is click on the link below!

Download "How to Successfully Operate a  Telecom Business"

4. VoIP Innovations University: This is probably the best resource that our customers can get from us. This exclusive university is designed to be the one place where you can get all of the best information on not only VoIP Innovations, but also on the wholesale VoIP Industry. To access V.I.U., simply log into your BackOffice account, drop down the "Help" tab, and select "VI University" to unlock some great info.

5. Social Media: We pay a lot of attention to our social media channels and we want all of our customers to be connected with us. If you haven't started following us, make sure you click on these links below and get connected with us today!

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Check us out!

While we are an office full of fantastic people who like to have the occasional Nerf Gun battle, we most definitely put our customers before all else. One day everyone could leave the office after a very good day and then the next day we'll have our VoIP Engineers and Support Staff staying in the office until 5am trying to solve an issue that affected our customers. We have a very dedicated and experienced staff who make our company one of the best wholesale VoIP service providers in the industry. Staying connected with us through our blog and our social media sites is just one way for our customers and others in the VoIP industry to learn about what's going on and how they can make their VoIP business even more successful. 

Thanks for checking in with us this week and we hope everyone has a great weekend!



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