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Chat with Nat: The Bottle Episode

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on April 24, 2015 at 9:45 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Good morning to you! As we close out this week and the last Friday in April, we realized we had a lot going on in our office over the past few days. Does that happen in your organization? Some weeks seemingly full of activities and so much taking place in one location? It's similar to a "bottle episode" on a television show. That was this week here! So for our weekly recap, we're giving you our version. Here's Chat with Nat: The Bottle Episode.
In Case You Missed It
Keeping the posts "in house" so to speak, this week we wanted to introduce you to the faces behind the phones. If you ever call us for technical support or number porting there are two dedicated groups waiting to answer your questions and assist you. On Monday we introduced you to our Technical Support Team and on Wednesday it was our Porting Team. If you missed these posts, go ahead and check them out now! 

Entrepreneur Class

Entrepreneur_Class_at_ABG_Capital    ABG_Capital_Entrepreneur_Class     

We're always venturing outside these walls into the community, but this week we had special visitors come to us at our parent company’s office and ours. High school students from the Canon-McMillan School District Entrepreneurship Program were here to visit ABG Capital for their semi-annual visit!

The students learned about our company and the portfolio companies, which of course includes VoIP Innovations! They also learned about life as a business owner and being an entrepreneur, marketing, and our unique company culture. Our speakers were Human Resources Manager Sharon Kolesar, Chief Executive Officer Jeff Tapolci, Chief Operations Officer and VoIP Innovations President Jason Tapolci (pictured above, that's him speaking to the students), and Marketing Communications Manager Natalie DeCario (yes, of Chat with Nat fame). We hope the students had as great a time here as we did having them join us!

Administrative Professionals’ Day

20140422_AdminProfDay_SaraWWednesday we celebrated Administrative Professionals' Day! We are thankful for our Office Administrator Sara Warhold!! From greeting guests, to supply ordering, to keeping our bellies full with Friday lunches, to leading our Wellness Committee, to organizing our many, many staff events, and a whole lot of things we don't even have space to mention, she does it all. Thanks for all you do, Sara!

Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Always falling on the fourth Thursday in April, yesterday was Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day! It’s more than just a career day, but an opportunity to show the girls and boys how important education is in their lives, help them understand the balance of family and work life, and give them goals for their futures. So we of course participated here at VI! The children learned about what we do here, had a full day of activities, and had a great time! And as you can see below, note the calm picture upon arriving on the left, and the rambunctious last picture of the day on the right. They had fun indeed!

11157458_839790336107694_2038804708098590355_o Take_Your_Kids_to_Work_Day_ABG_Capital

That's a wrap! So concludes this week inside the world of VI. No cliffhangers here; simply stay tuned for more posts coming during the week ahead and recap with us next Friday on your regularly scheduled Chat with Nat! 
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