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Chat with Nat: VoIP Fraud. VoIP Security. VoIP Features.

Posted by Natalie DeCario on October 17, 2014 at 2:45 PM
Natalie DeCario

IMG_1146small-1Happy Friday and welcome back to another Chat with Nat! We’ve been busy in the BackOffice this week trying to add or update a few new voip features for our customers. Take a look at the list below to see what’s new:

  • My Email to Fax DID list
    • This is a list of all DIDs that have Fax to Email enabled on it
    • You can locate this list under the “DIDS > MY DIDS > MY EMAIL TO FAX”

  • API Function requestsWe now show the Conference Bridge feature assignment on the widget dashboards
    • We added DID Forward Number API Calls as well as the ability to set and remove DID forwards

  • We also added a Conference Bridge feature indication to DID list download file

  • We added the ability for resellers to Auto-Approval Forward/Failover requests from the end user portal

On the blog this week we posted great articles that you’re going to love if you haven’t had the chance to read them yet. In the first article we gave you some tips on how your VoIP security tactics could be enhanced. Some highlights from the article include using firewalls, encrypting information and just taking the time to secure your computers before you actually implement a new VoIP system.  

The next article we featured on the blog this week was all about VoIP Fraud. How prepared are you to handle VoIP fraud if it happens to you right now? In this post we explore what VoIP Fraud actually is, how it’s causing colossal issues and how you can work to protect your business before it’s targeted.

Next week on the blog:

  •          How E911 Actually Works
  •          A Wholesale VoIP Providers View on VoIP Fraud
  •          VoIP Terminology: What’s Google Have to Say

As we wrap up this week’ s Chat with Nat I want to remind you that we have tons of great resources available to help VoIP resellers and VoIP users navigate through this industry with success. Every post we write is strategically drafted to ensure it’s packed full of useful information that empowers those in this industry.

For today’s post, I want to go back to the basics and provide you with a white paper we wrote that goes over the basics of How to Successfully Operate a Telecom Business. We’ll teach you some valuable skills on how to better handle your service provisioning, support services, and even billing practices. Download it today!

Download "How to Successfully Operate a  Telecom Business"

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