Configuring Your DIDs: It's That Easy

Posted by Cody M. Ferenchak on September 29, 2016 at 10:13 AM
Cody M. Ferenchak

Are you new to VoIP Innovations? Maybe you've just become a new customer or maybe you're taking a test drive with our Free Trial.Untitled-1.png Regardless, you may have some questions. Stepping into the VoIP Innovations' BackOffice for the first time may seem a little overwhelming; we assure you it's all about taking baby steps! We want to take your hand and guide you through this journey of all things VoIP related to make sure your experience is an excellent one!

This tutorial will show you how to configure DIDs with the DID Configuration Wizard. Follow along as we show you the step-by-step process of configuring your Caller ID, 411, E911, and other miscellaneous features.





It's that easy!

Now it’s time to put your newly attained knowledge of the BackOffice software to work. Start buying up some DIDs today! You might want to hurry, because right now we're offering 25¢ DIDs with no Port or Activation fees for new customers for 30 days after signing up. 


Get Your 25¢ Toll-Free DIDs Today!




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