CPaaS is Today's Biggest Disruptive Technology

Posted by Geno Zuccaro on November 15, 2017 at 1:17 PM


Geno Zuccaro | VoIP Innovations Tech Support Rep

Today's blog post comes from Geno Zuccaro, one of our Technical Support Reps. Geno has been at VoIP Innovations for almost four years and in this post, he shares with you his thoughts about Communication Platform as a Service:


I have been with the support team for some time and witnessed many changes both within our company and the industry. Change can be intimidating or exciting but with our journey into CPaaS, I can easily say that this is an exciting time with so many possibilities available.

The Past Indicates the Future

Years ago, as the industry began to gain momentum, VoIP was seen as a "get rich quick" sort of business. Telecom was changing and the potential to make a massive profit was within reach for anyone with the right motivation. However, that feeling in the industry seems to be calming down. There is still the potential for profits but the overall craziness seems to be reaching its plateau.

Communication Platform as a Service is the next big wave coming in the telecom industry. Whereas VoIP revolutionized and shocked the copper line telecom industry, this is set to do the same with an even larger impact.

Why be Excited?

What makes CPaaS so exciting is the potential. With our acquisition of Apidaze we can immediately offer tools and apps to a client. However, for those with developer knowledge the limitation is your imagination. It allows a small company to sound big. It allows a small customer to grow from a company simply handling basic one-to-one phone calls. It allows companies to venture into new territory and possibly carve paths and business relationships they never dreamed of providing with their original infrastructure.

Failure is an option?

Failure is something in any business that can hurt in a number of ways. Spending months working on a product to find it doesn’t appeal to many can hurt total revenue, as well as create the fear to venture out as a company. CPaaS development, as a whole, has a much faster turnaround time meaning less girls working.jpgcost to develop. When you work with Apidaze and VoIP Innovations, you won't be working with a team who is working with a network who is working with someone else - we give you direct access to a telecom network. A product that doesn’t take off may not net the profit your company was hoping for but it does become another tool in your company's library. It’s possible the product may later inspire another product that will take off.

Big Guys and Little Guys

If you look into this online, you're going to find big names listed. This does not mean that it is a product only for big companies. Every company had to start somewhere and you only stay small if you don’t expand. CPaaS and Apidaze give small companies the ability to become something more by testing different options and exploring new business models.

Look to the Future

Finally, the last thing to consider is being ready for the future and ideas that have yet to be dreamt. CPaaS is the future and getting your feet wet now will position you to take full advantage of the market and new ventures. Another key aspect is being ready for what hasn’t been thought of yet. As more people begin exploring this new market, more ideas will be developed. Maybe you’ll be the first one to think of the next big thing! Maybe you'll build the next must-have tool that your customers, and potential customers, have been asking for. Maybe a new large client will consider your platform, but ask for a new feature. Will you be ready?


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