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Creating a Successful Telecommunications Business (Part 2): Support

Posted by Daniel McFarland on November 19, 2015 at 10:30 AM
Daniel McFarland


According to Jason Tapolci, President of VoIP Innovations, support is not limited to helping your customers through call centers, but it involves "non-human interactions as well." Human interaction is important and it goes back to the people that you hire when creating the best support team as possible, but having non-human interaction, such as thank you messages and a flawless ticketing system, can make or break your company.

Tapolci's white paper, "How to Successfully Operate a Telecommunications Business", reveals how he applied best support practices to turn VoIP Innovations into an industry leader. To read about Provisioning, and its role in creating a successful telecom business, click here.

Step Two: Support

How to Successfully Operate a Telecommunications Business“The step that follows provisioning is support.  Support can truly make a difference for any organization.  Just look a Zappos and how they turn a failing business into a market leader by offer the best customer support in their industry.  The ‘secret’ great customer support is to “WOW” your customers. What does “WOW”ing your customers mean? We define it as going above and beyond the normal processes and procedures that are necessary to satisfy the customer’s wants, needs, and problems.  As mentioned before, this sounds obvious right?  Wrong!  Every company will say they “WOW” their customers but we can assure you, very few actually do.  It’s not something you can teach or train; it’s something you have to hire for.  We use a hiring technique, called “Top Grading”, which is when an organization hires “A” players and weeds out those who just don’t measure up.

By our explanation, you would have to assume that “A” players are the only factors that make up “WOW” service support. If you assumed that, you’d be wrong. “A” players are the foundation to developing an incredible support experience. The “A” players, or employees, are definitely a large part of creating this atmosphere, but it’s only part of the equation.  The rest is defined by the customer’s interaction with non-human elements, which, ironically, are developed by the “A” players.”

How to Get the White Paper

Itching to get a full copy of this white paper? Click either the cover image above, or the button below for your own copy. This white paper will go into more detail on how choosing the right support strategy will help your telecom business succeed.

Download "How to Successfully Operate a  Telecom Business"

This white paper also reveals other crucial elements in running a successful telecom business, such as provisioning and billing. For a small preview of what this whitepaper has to say about provisioning, check out "How to Operate a Successful Telecom Business: Provisioning".

As for billing, you’re going to have to wait until next week.

Later this month, we’ll be launching an eBook, written by Jason Tapolci. This eBook will cover entrepreneurial concepts in creating an efficient business strategy. Stay tuned!

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