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Empower End Users with a Brandable Portal

Posted by Daniel McFarland on February 18, 2016 at 2:32 PM
Daniel McFarland

With a brandable End User Portal, your customers will do some of the heavy lifting for you, like updating E911, 411, DID features, and so on. We developed this feature to remove the hassle of updating minute details for your customers every time something needs to be changed, like their Caller ID, names, or 411 information.

With the End User Portal, you can assign logins and rights to your end users so that you can have more time managing other aspects of your business and increase profits.

With the Portal, end users can claim a sense of ownership over their VoIP services and even place their brand image on the portal. If you are worried about the end user frivolously spending money on more DIDs and services, don't worry. You will still have full control by assigning a range of rights and permissions for the end user. However, if you do decide to give full control to the end user, you will still be able to give approval before the action is made.

Ultimately, the end users will feel empowered and you will save time because they now have the ability to manage some of their VoIP services on their own!

Using the End User Portal

This video will provide you with a quick walk through of how the End User Portal works.
For information on how to administer End User Portal settings, please visit this article: BackOffice End User Portal

Through the Eyes of the End User

The main dashboard is the first page you will see upon logging in to the End User Portal. This page contains several widgets that will give you a brief overview on the status of your account, such as:
  • The DID Widgets - Have a quick glimpse of your active DIDs
  • Origination and Termination Widgets - See the inbound and outbound usage of your DIDs
  • E911 Widgets - View the amount of E911-registered DIDs and other usage statistics
  • Porting Widgets - Review your completed and active ports

The tabs on the top of the Portal will allow you to expand the details of each widget and allow the end user to make orders and edit DID services. As your go through the tabs you will find more details for:

Your DIDs









and Tickets


The End User Portal is ideal for smaller resellers who may not have the resources to deal with constant end user requests. Feel free to take full advantage of this BackOffice feature, or test it out with a Free Trial! Lessen your work load and start boosting your profits with the End User Portal today!
Test Drive Our End User Portal!


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