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Empower Your VoIP Sales Team with CPaaS

Posted by Natalie DeCario on November 9, 2017 at 10:06 AM
Natalie DeCario

For today's post we'd like to welcome Stuart Preston from Pitch Consulting. Pitch Consulting is our newest Partner and they specialize in helping VoIP companies develop successful sales and growth strategies.

There is a lot of buzz around CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) these days, including mergers and acquisitions by VoIP/UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) providers getting into the game. So, what does that mean for your sales team? It means we need to make sure we don’t make the typical mistake of trying to sell solutions to problems that don’t exist. We don’t want to deploy our sales teams with the goal of selling “CPaaS” solutions. First, they need to uncover the customers’ pain points, then use it to solve those problems, which leads us to the most important phase of the sales process: the discovery.

Stuart Preston from Pitch ConsultingYou have trained your VoIP sales team on doing a good discovery. The discovery is obviously very important to qualifying (or, just as important, disqualifying) the prospect, by identifying their pain, budget, decision-making process, and timeline. Where this solution comes in is being able to solve that pain with a customized solution just for them.

First, let’s quickly review the types of solutions CPaaS enables us to deliver:

  1. Find new revenue streams: From add-on services that your customer base can buy into, to entirely new verticals, there are new revenue streams to be capitalized on by these solutions.
  2. Streamline processes and increase efficiency: Business leaders and owners are always looking for ways to boost the bottom line net profits. This new technology enables you to create those efficiencies in communications, and therefore processes, with custom applications.
  3. Build customer-focused apps and solutions: Customers have the best ideas, don’t they? Sometimes, we have to tell them, ‘No, we don’t do that.’ With CPaaS, now you have a way to help your prospects and customers get the results they’re asking for.

So, let’s consider some questions you can use to discover some new opportunities:

  1. “How do you guys make money?” I got this question from a good friend and former Sales Manager of mine, Chris Lott. Smart guy, smart question. When you ask a prospect that question, it opens them up to telling you all about their products and their processes. Listen closely, because a unique opportunity will likely present itself.
  2. “What are your competitors doing that’s really affecting your business?” This question digs into another good pain point - competition. While their answers may not be directly related to communications, there are rarely pain points that don’t involve good old communication between humans by whatever means.
  3. Talk to other functional areas of your customers/prospects, such as finance, marketing, sales, support, etc. Ask each one, Where does communication break down between you and your customers/prospects and between you and others here at your company?” Again, the answers may very well expose opportunities to use this new technology to create solutions that will make your customers go, “Wow!”

When your sales executives return from a discovery meeting armed with the answers to those questions, you are now able to build a truly unique solution for them, one which your competitors are likely to leave out when they propose a 

PhoneTabletLaptop Meeting_USED.jpg

canned UCaaS solution. The benefit to your customer is obvious: you’re helping them achieve the business outcomes they desire. The benefits for your company are in the revenues. The conversation is no longer all about price -- or ‘the race to zero’. Now, you’ve got them excited for the opportunities that await once your solution is implemented. Now, they’re dying to pay you rather than fight you on price.

So use  CPaaS, but not as a buzzword to try and sell your services. Use it as a tool to deliver amazing service to your prospects and customers, and you will create wins for your customer, your sales team, and your revenues.

Interested in seeing how the VoIP Innovations Programmable Telco platform works? Sign up for an account online today and start building your first application or service!

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