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Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax on the VoIP Innovations Network

Posted by Cody M. Ferenchak on May 16, 2017 at 10:31 AM
Cody M. Ferenchak

Have you heard about our inbound and outbound fax service offering? This offering was designed specifically for the ITSP and reseller profit pools. Our fax service provides both inbound (Fax-to-Email) and outbound (Email-to-Fax) capabilities. Now you can utilize these features on our fully redundant SIP network to receive a fax termination product that utilizes our network to ensure an improved Email-to-Fax service with a 98%+ completion percentage.

Not too bad, eh?


This Fax-to-Email (inbound) product is very easy to understand and use.Fax Email Papers Thrown Man In Chair All of VoIP Innovations T.38 (fax) enabled DIDs have the ability to turn on or turn off Fax-to-Email capabilities. All you have to do is add one or multiple email recipients then send. This can be done anytime and in real-time through your Wholesale BackOffice account. Any faxes sent to this DID, will automatically be emailed to those recipients.

Enabling Fax-to-Email

Navigate to DIDs > My DIDs > My Local DIDs and find the DID that you wish to edit. Click the pen/paper icon to bring up the edit screen. On the DID tab, place a check mark in the “Fax-to-Email” box. Here, you can enter the email address that you wish to receive faxes for. You may enter multiple email addresses separated with a semicolon, but please note that this box has a 100-character limit. If you need more email addresses for a specific DID, our best recommendation would be to create a distribution list. When you’re finished, click “Update DID” and after 10-15 minutes, you will be able to receive faxes.



Conversely, VoIP Innovations Email-to-Fax is an outbound service that allows you to take a file on your computer, such as a PDF, and convert it to a fax that can be sent to any phone number that is configured to receive faxes, such as a number pointed to a traditional fax machine.

Simply send an email with an attachment using any email browser and our system will convert that email into a traditional fax. The only action needed is to add an email address to a particular DID and this email address is ready to send faxes via email.

Registering an Email Address

To begin, log in to the BackOffice and go to DIDs > My DIDs > My Email-to-Fax.

In the “New Email-to-Fax” box, enter the email address of user who will be sending Email-to-Fax attempts, choose a Caller ID, and click “Add Email-to-Fax”. This will need to be done on an individual basis.


We get it, this takes practice...

If you’re anything like us; a step-by-step walk-through always helps. Step inside this service by watching the videos below!








Let's get started!

Are you ready to enable these T.38 features today? If you’re a Wholesale customer, sign in to your BackOffice account and follow the steps above. If you’re a reseller, now is the time to become a Wholesale customer today to experience these profit-pulling features along with many others.


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