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Finding a VoIP Provider that Makes Number Porting Easy

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on April 20, 2016 at 12:49 PM

Number porting—the process of reassigning a customer’s fixed or mobile number—remains a fundamental offering among service providers today. After all, we live in an age where customers are quicker than ever to switch carriers due to a number of reasons, from cost to network quality to the specifics of service packages. Customers have every right to switch providers without fear of losing their phone number; however, porting continues to be unnecessarily challenging in many ways (just consider this open letter written in 2012 by a Frontier employee).

Number Porting doesn't have to be difficult!Today’s consumers believe that number porting should be as simple as signing a contract and turning on their new phone—and we don’t blame them. For telecom resellers, facilitating seamless number portability is key for ensuring customer satisfaction, retention and, ultimately, thought leadership in an ultra-competitive market. The key to successful porting is partnering with the right VoIP provider. In doing so, resellers can seamlessly sidestep common challenges and avoid porting nightmares.

The question is: What should resellers keep an eye out for when seeking a trusted partner? As a provider that has been working with ISPs and resellers for over 20 years, below are five requirements we believe to be critical to the decision-making process. The right partner should:

  1. Offer a number portability test: A number portability test—an assessment used to verify whether a number is portable—should be a standard for every provider.
  2. Have an online port submission tool: Your provider should make submitting new number ports easy with simple, online submission.
  3. Allow you to select number/DID features: Your ideal provider should allow you to select features such as e911, Caller Name (CNAM), 411, and Caller ID.
  4. Allow you to easily manage number ports through its user portal: An easily-accessible online portal should allow resellers to effortlessly review and manage all number ports.
  5. Boast a dedicated number porting team: In addition, of course, to its regular customer service team(s).

Of course, there are more than five prerequisites for selecting a provider that will ensure seamless number porting. If you think you’ve found “the one,” click here to take our quick Number Porting Test to make sure!

If you're not a customer and want to test out our Number Portability test, click the button below and give our Free Trial a spin!

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