Four Reasons Why Smart Business Owners Love SMS and MMS

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on February 14, 2017 at 8:42 AM

Today, companies are competing in a world where more people have a mobile phone than a toilet or toothbrush. In this mobile-minded age, one of the most powerful ways for businesses to engage and retain customers is through short message service (SMS) and/or multimedia message service (MMS). With research showing that texting is the most widely-used smartphone feature among device owners of all ages, it would be wise for business owners to incorporate mobile messaging into their brand strategy.  

If you’re unsure how applicable texting would be to your organization, consider the following four reasons why savvy business owners love to use SMS and MMS:


  1. Customers prefer it

    Texting is preferred over a variety of service channels for several reasons. A 2016 Ovum survey, for example, found that customers prefer texting over calling because it’s more convenient, less frustrating, and enables them to more proactively engage with and respond to companies.

  2. It’s effective

    Research shows that text messaging has an incredible 98 percent open rate (in comparison, email has a 20 percent open rate). Text messaging also boasts a 45 percent response rate. Not only this, but 90 percent of text messages are read in under three minutes, making SMS/MMS a quick and easy way to capture customers’ attention—anytime, anywhere.

  3. There are ample use cases

    From appointment scheduling to selling to interactive marketing, there’s no shortage of creative use cases for SMS and MMS. Check out this blog for a few unique ways to incorporate mobile messaging into your organization.

  4. It’s easier than ever to get on board

    It’s simple to add SMS to any new or existing DID. Depending on your provider, the service can support both inbound and outbound messaging, be billed at a flat, per message fee, and can even be managed via a comprehensive yet easy-to-use back office solution.

To learn more about strategically using SMS and MMS for business, check out these blogs.

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