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Four Ways Hackers Are Attacking in 2016

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on May 16, 2016 at 9:30 AM

Today, hacking has an entirely different meaning than it did 20, 15, or even 10 years ago. Today’s criminals, for example, may launch an attack as a form of protest or as a way to blackmail an organization into paying them money.

Here are four next-generation ways that criminals are choosing to attack organizations today:

  • Extortion Hacks: An extortion hack, or cyber extortion, is a crime in which a hacker attacks an organization (or threatens to attack it) and demands money to prevent or stop the attack. Most recently, popular torrent site Pirate Bay was hit with talking crypto-ransomware and is currently debating whether to pay its attackers to regain access to its files.
  • Four Ways Hackers Are Attacking in 2016Hacktavism: Hacktivism consists of hacking a business or person for a politically or socially motivated reason. Considered a modern form of protest, it is one of today’s most attention-grabbing forms of hacking. Infamous hacking group Anonymous, for example, has been long fighting numerous forms of injustice using its savvy hacking skills.
  • Hacks of mobile payments: The rise of mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay have introduced innovative new forms of hacking. In October of 2015, for instance, Samsung experienced an attack against its mobile payment solution via LoopPay, a mobile payment system the company had recently acquired. Although Samsung officials claim the “isolated incident” did not impact any of its data, it goes to show that mobile payment technology is becoming a larger hacking target.
  • Malicious Code: Used to describe any part of a software system that is intended to cause damage, hackers use malicious code to perform security breaches to a targeted system. More advanced forms of malicious code include two-faced Malware and Ghostware.

In many ways, hacking has evolved from an act to an art. Regardless, its impact remains disastrous and virtually every organization remains susceptible to its effects.

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