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Chat with Nat: Happy VoIPy Halloween!

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on October 30, 2015 at 10:10 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Welcome to the last Chat with Nat for the month of October. It’s scary how fast this month flew by, right? Speaking of scary, Halloween is tomorrow and you may be more focused on your costume or what spooky situations you can get into after the close of business tonight. But it would be oh-so-frightening if we let Friday come and go without first recapping the week. Here’s Chat with Nat: Happy VoIPy Halloween!

In Case You Missed It

Happy_Halloween_I_VoIP_Innovations.pngTuesday, we had a terrific guest post featured on our blog titled 5 Ways VoIP Can Revolutionize Your Business. The author, Darren Page, co-owner of Headsets4Business, takes you through this list of reasons why VoIP is invaluable for your business. Yesterday, we covered everything you need to know about switches in What is a Softswitch? The Sitch on Switches. Take a look at both of these post in case you missed them.

Planning Session

We will be having our annual planning session coming up in November and our Sales Team from Arizona will be here in the Steel City to join us (we hope they pack warm clothing!). Look for a recap to come soon!

International Toll-Free Service

Good news! We will be expanding our toll-free service, with more countries being added. So if you’ve been looking to have a number listed for a certain country and it previously wasn’t, there’s hope that it soon may be part of the list. Stay tuned for an update.

My Static IP Free Trial

We mentioned it a couple weeks ago, but we’re giving you the 411 on this one more time. Our sister company My Static IP has an amazing free trial offer going on right now. So if you’ve been thinking about getting your own Static IP, but weren't completely sure if you wanted to commit just yet, a free trial to test it out is a great way to start. You get your own IP address, exclusive server ownership, remote access to your home computer, it's super beneficial when using VoIP, and MORE. Take a look!

Happy Halloween


You know what tomorrow is, right? The spookiest, creepiest, scariest day of the year—and no, we’re not talking about going back in time and pretending what it was like before VoIP existed. Now THAT would be frightening. It’s Halloween, friends! We’ll be celebrating with our annual party and will also be having our monthly ABG Capital meeting. Look for pictures from both of those in next week’s Chat!


We’d like to congratulate two of our team members on reaching workplace milestones! Dustin Campbell, Technical Support Engineer, and Tom Cavey, Technical Support Supervisor, are both going to celebrate five years with us this month! Dustin, November 29, Tom, November 30. Later today, we’ll have a photo session with these two and let you see them with their milestone plaques in next week’s edition!


Happy Birthday to the following November babies! And no need to be alarmed; none of these babies were Rosemary’s.

Natalie DeCario, Marketing Manager (Yes, the Chat with Nat, Natalie!); November 1
Tom Cavey, Technical Support Supervisor; November 1
Cameron Nutter, Technical Service Representative; November 17
Jenna LaVecchia, Provisioning Representative; November 20


That’s all she wrote, guys and ghouls. So concludes our weekly wrap up of the happenings here at VoIP Innovations. We look forward to seeing you back here next Friday. Make sure to click the seasonably colored orange button below so you don't miss any freakishly fabulous posts that will be coming your way in the week ahead!

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