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How a Project Port Can Benefit You

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on November 17, 2016 at 7:52 AM

For companies that use a reseller and have more than one address (or multiple underlying carriers) or who are resellers themselves and have multiple end users with different addresses, submitting a project could be very beneficial. Project porting represents number ports that are categorized into different “projects”—for example, one project may be “Active Ports” while another project may be “Porting Soon."

Jenna PPS.pngAt VoIP Innovations, we have in the past run project porting deals that allow users to go through the automated project porting process despite having as little as 10 numbers to port. Here are some of the best benefits of project porting:


Flexible enough to handle multiple carriers/end-users

Projects can include up to three different “losing” carriers, multiple end users, multiple end points, and multiple billing telephone numbers (BTNs). If your numbers are wholesale and each DID is its own BTN, a project is the way to go!

More cost-efficient than standard porting

The higher the number of DIDs on an order, the lower the porting cost. It’s as simple (and cost-efficient) as that!

Less of a hassle

Project porting can be extremely easy and convenient, depending on your VoIP provider. At VoIP Innovations, for instance, our Project Porting Team works together with the carrier to minimize rejections. If an order does receive a jeopardy, customers never have to resubmit or edit information on their letter of authorization (LOA). All they need to do is simply add a note onto the port and we will process the request for them.


Projects require a standard of 15 working business days to be approved. This allows ample time for users to set up equipment and coordinate schedules as needed.

To learn more about what makes a port a project, check out this blog.To learn more about how to port a number, we’ve got you covered with this whitepaper.

Until the end of this year, we have a great porting promotion running. Take a look!
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