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How To Enhance Your VoIP Security

Posted by Ben Stegner on October 15, 2014 at 4:08 PM

Staying safe is important in all aspects of life, and VoIP is no exception. We've written about VoIP fraud and what a headache it can be, and ideally, you'll never have to experience it. To maintain a strong defense against those who would use your services for malicious purposes, let's go over a few ways to stay safe with VoIP.

Clean House Before You Start

It might sound obvious, but if you're not secured before you implement VoIP, you won't magically be secured after. Take the time to secure the computers where you'll be using the service. Run a tool like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to make sure you don't have any infections on your system that could escalate after you start using VoIP. Then, you know you're starting from a safe place and you can try out other policies later to evaluate them.

Use Firewalls

Enhance your VoIP security Firewalls are one of the most important tools at your disposal for Internet security. With a firewall, you control what incoming and outgoing traffic is allowed on your network. Even if you're using one, it's important to make sure that it's properly set up; if the configuration isn't protecting what it needs to, then the firewall is useless.

Require Authentication

Authentication is just what it sounds like: ensuring that the person trying to access your service is actually allowed to do so. Typically this is a username/password combination, but could be some other secret keyphrase. While it may seem a bit tedious to require everyone to log in, this is one of the best ways to keep your network secure and the few seconds of inconvenience pales in comparison to the safety you gain.

Encrypt Information

When data travels over the Internet, it is vulnerable to being stolen. If someone intercepts packets containing information that you're sending, they could intercept and view it. To defeat this, use encryption.

Encryption changes info into an undecipherable form, and is then decrypted when it reaches its purposed destination. The process is sort of like using a cipher to write a secret message to a friend who also has the cipher and can decode it. When your data is secured in this way, it doesn't matter if anyone picks it up, because it will be meaningless to them anyway.

Stay Safe!

When using VoIP, you need to ensure you're staying safe. These few tips will get you started with using good habits; be sure to follow them! If you're interested in reading some other great articles we've posted on our blog about VoIP security, then check these out:

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