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How to Solve the Biggest E911 Problems

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on September 2, 2015 at 9:37 AM
Cherie L. Steffen

Life is full of options. Do you want to drive or fly? Eat at home or try the new restaurant? Should you stay or should you go now? But for as many choices you have in other aspects of life, you do not have an option when it comes to complying with enhanced 911 regulations. When it comes to your DIDs, E911 is one add-on that you need to have. Let’s say you do have enhanced 911 (gold star for you!), but you aren’t really sure how it all works. Keep reading; we’ll tell you how to solve the biggest problems with E911.

Stay Alert!

No one wants to be in a situation where they need to call 911. But if ever you find yourself at that point, it’s good to know that we offer a free alert system so you can notify specific people in the event that a call is placed to 911. The E911 Alerts are ready for the taking but you have to have the ANI (Caller ID of the number that is calling) registered for 911 through our service. When the alerts are set up, up to ten email addresses can receive an email if 911 is dialed from that number. If you will need more than ten email addresses, a distribution list would be the way to go. And what about text alerts? Of course! Text alerts can be sent as well.

VoIP_Innovations_E911When 911 Goes Rogue

Have you ever received this message? 'Urgent! Unregistered 911 call made from...'? If so, your 911 has gone rogue. Any call that’s placed to 911 through us from an unregistered ANI is considered a Rogue 911. You’ll want to be sure that any calls sent from a system to VoIP Innovations will use a registered ANI or you’ll be facing Rogue 911 charges! Are you thinking, “Ruh roh. I’m not sure how to register my DIDs…”? 

Provisioning 911 How To

When it comes down to provisioning 911, there are two types. If your DIDs are with us, there is one way to do it, and if your DIDs are not with us, there is separate way. If the DIDs are through VoIP Innovations, there are several steps that are simple to follow on our Wiki. Just make sure to complete the steps in their entirety so there are no Rogue 911 charges incurred. You don’t want anything “rogue” coming after you--sounds scary! Another word to the wise is that you can only provision 911 numbers that are yours. If any errors pop-up, keep in mind we have an entire department full of fabulous folks ready to help you if you should ever need them.

This is a test. This is only a test. 

How about if you simply want to test your enhanced 911? As in, you are having no major issues, surely nothing life-threatening at the moment, but you just want to make sure it works? Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3… If you’re calling from the DID from which you’d like the E911 information, dial 933 on your phone. You’ll reach a pre-recorded message telling you your Caller ID being used and it’ll give you the address that is set up for that particular DID.

Hopefully these tips will help solve the big problems you encounter with enhanced 911. Should you ever run into a sticky situation from which you cannot escape, you can contact us by sending an email to support@voipinnovations.com. Just make sure you have a ticket contact for the email address (from which you are emailing us) configured in our system. Or, if you prefer, you can place a call to our Network Operations Center at 866-509-5040 or 877-478-6471, Option 4. We’re happy to help you!

Now that you’re all set with the E911 and your headaches have been remedied, take a moment to click the button below for a Free Trial of our BackOffice. There are tons of options and features to personalize and use for your own specific business needs. Take a look inside our Free Trial and explore the features for yourself!
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