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How to Use the End User Portal

Posted by Daniel McFarland on March 1, 2016 at 1:39 PM
Daniel McFarland

On this week's Talking with Tapolci, we talk about granting your end users some responsibilities in managing VoIP services. This can be achieved by using our Brandable End User portal to allow your end users to perform tasks such as ordering DIDs, updating their caller ID name, changing E911 information, and more!

Our Brandable End User Portal is a feature in our BackOffice that allows your end users to take away some of your workload by ordering and manage their own DIDs and VoIP services. This week, Jason walks us through the Portal and how easy it is for the end user to operate. We also get a look into how the Portal is configured on the side of the VoIP Reseller. 

vi_icon_backoffice_brandable.pngSome Features of the Brandable End User Portal:

  • Offer your customers a branded portal for end users
  • Save time by allowing your customers to manage their own services
  • Control what services your end user can view and manage
  • Provide end users with the ability to add, edit, and delete services

Although the end user will be able to make orders and edit services on their own, you will always have the final say in the changes they wish to make. We hope that the Portal frees up some of your time to focus on the more important tasks of your business, such as growing your bottom line!

More info on the Portal:

Wiki Article: How to Use the Brandable End User Portal (Reseller Perspective)

Wiki Article: How to Use the Brandable End User Portal (End User Perspective)

Empower End Users with a Brandable Portal

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