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How WebRTC Equips Your Contact Center

Posted by Natalie DeCario on February 25, 2019 at 6:00 AM
Natalie DeCario

WebRTC makes it easy for your contact center to progress from instant messaging to a live agent call.Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is a set of features within unified communications (UC) that offers new capabilities to your contact center. It is a technology that expands communications to offer customers the ability to simply click a button when they want to speak directly to a service agent when logged onto an application or when browsing your website.

WebRTC has a wide variety of uses, but a few examples include:

  • Offering a click-to-call capability that gives customers the option to reach a contact center agent right from your website, without requiring them to switch to a different device.
  • Video calls and screen sharing, which can make it easy for contact center agents to demonstrate a particular use of a product or assist a customer as they navigate around your website. With Web RTC, a customer can seamlessly escalate the level of service they’re receiving, beginning with an instant message and seamlessly transitioning to a video or file sharing option without getting frustrated.
  • Service is flexible with customers taking a “choose-your-own” style of service journey. Some contact centers will choose to offer WebRTC options alongside chatbots or other artificial intelligence technology to enable self-service that can easily transition to help from a live agent if self-service doesn’t resolve the issue.

UC systems enable your contact center to provide an integrated, full-service customer experience that’s consistent across all types of devices or systems. WebRTC assists customers from the moment they begin engaging with your site and guides them through until they’ve completed their purchase. With these types of capabilities, the contact center is more equipped to deliver the high-quality, personalized customer experience that helps them outperform their competition.

WebRTC gives customers the flexibility to connect to your company from their preferred device and using the communication channel they find the most convenient. This allows the contact center to differentiate themselves from others in the industry that may only offer an email address and a phone number for service or product inquiries.  

WebRTC is embedded right into the UC solution, providing your contact agents with the context they need to deliver excellent service to the customer. They have access to the customer’s previous interactions with the company, including the chatbot conversations or other attempts to resolve the current issue.

When interacting with your company, WebRTC gives customers a convenient and easy way to escalate their conversation level. They’ll notice how quickly an agent came to their rescue when they realized that they couldn’t resolve their issue via chatbot. They also make note of how informed your contact center agents are about their particular situation when they are able to easily reference previous interactions.

If incorporating WebRTC as a part of a UC solution sounds appealing for your contact center, contact us at VoIP Innovations to talk about our CPaaS solution, Apidaze. We look forward to helping you identify the ways you’ll use this technology to improve the customer experience.

Contact VoIP Innovations today to learn more about how you can create more with Voice, WebRTC, Video, and SMS.

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