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How WebRTC Is Powering Customer Engagement

Posted by Natalie DeCario on January 28, 2019 at 6:00 AM
Natalie DeCario

With WebRTC, the enterprise can extend customer engagement efforts through video assistance offered without plugins.Web real-time communications (WebRTC) is transforming how the enterprise fosters customer engagement. And because customer experiences are driving their overall satisfaction with a particular business, improved customer engagement means there's an opportunity to assist customers with any challenges. Furthermore, enterprises are equipped to understand customer preferences and the drive in higher sales numbers.

Peer-to-peer communication: The big innovation that WebRTC brings to the enterprise is peer-to-peer communication between web browsers and apps. In the past, browsers could only communicate with the server. Now, whether it’s an exchange of files, a simple message transmitted, or real-time voice and video, WebRTC makes it possible for browsers and apps to talk directly with one another. With voice and video transmitting sensitive to latency and jitter, the ability to directly communicate between browsers enables a high-quality communication experience.

Little to no coding required: One of the great benefits of WebRTC for enterprise IT is that it requires little or no coding to access real-time voice and video. IT won’t have to do any major coding, but they also won’t require a plug-in to offer an expanded customer engagement option.

Utilize the existing contact center: WebRTC allows you to increase customer engagement while accessing the structures you already have in place for serving your customers. The real-time voice and video available through WebRTC provide a way to integrate your contact center agents right into the website experience.

Practical applications for WebRTC in business: Companies are increasingly utilizing WebRTC to make more personal and powerful connections with customers. For instance, any kind of device can be equipped for better customer service. Simply insert a button that takes them directly to a video or voice chat with a contact center agent. Consumer devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones can feature this technology. In areas where the Internet of Things is expansive, such as manufacturing and healthcare, WebRTC is helping problems get solved more quickly by equipping workers with a better understanding of their devices.

For companies that run consumer websites, this technology allows them to easily assist customers and provide better customer engagement as they browse a product line or search for a solution to a problem. When the assistance button is clicked, the agent is provided with the context of where the customer is found on the site, allowing for better customer service.

If you’re considering ways to improve the quality of your connection with customers, it’s time to look into WebRTC technology. Contact us at VoIP Innovations to learn how to make the most of your existing contact center by providing real-time voice and video interactions to customers on your site.

Contact VoIP Innovations today to learn more about how you can create more with Voice, WebRTC, Video, and SMS.

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